Prosper’s Pierce chose to see bright side of lacrosse season cancellation

Staff report
Prosper High School 2020 graduate Brandon Pierce plans to attend Maryville University, where he will also play lacrosse.

Name: Brandon Pierce

School: Prosper High School

Sport: Lacrosse and football

College plans: I will further my education and play Division II Lacrosse at Maryville University. I will major in Biology and be a part of the honors and pre-med programs. I am so excited to begin my next chapter in life. Go Saints!!!

Superstitions, rituals or traditions before or after competing: Before any competition, I always focus and visualize what I'm about to do when I go on the field.

Song or music that prepares you for competition: “Champion” by Kanye West

Favorite subject/class: Science (anatomy and physiology)

Favorite teacher and why: My favorite teacher that I've ever had is Mr. Floyd. We spent plenty of time learning and taking notes, but every day was really fun and immersive.

Favorite coach and why: My favorite coach at Prosper was Coach Brandon Schmidt because of how hard he pushed me to be my best. Nothing comes easy in Texas high school football, and that was clear. Coach Schmidt helped me become stronger physically but, more importantly, he pushed me to be stronger mentally as well.

Best teammate and why: Jake Holmquest was my best teammate in football because he always had my back and supported me through good times as well as difficult ones.

Best high school sports memory: Winning state in lacrosse was my best high school sports memory because we played the best game we possibly could and came out on top, and all of our sprints, hot MPF practices, and repetition in practice was more than worth it.

Best high school non-sports memory: My best memory outside of sports was getting my driver's license and being able to go anywhere.

What you love about your sport: Lacrosse and football require everyone to do their job well for the team to be successful, so being able to count on my teammates and knowing they count on me is the best thing about my sports.

Favorite sports movie and why: “Rocky IV” is my favorite sports movie because it shows you can't lose if you always get back up after you're knocked down.

Describe your school’s Class of 2020: The class of 2020 at PHS is the last senior class in Prosper that will be at one high school. We are very different from person to person, but we all represent Prosper well and will go on to do great things.

Biggest lesson learned: If you want something, you have to put the work in to achieve it.

Biggest influence in your life: My dad is my biggest influence because of how much he loves our family and how hard he works for us to have the best life possible.

Athlete you look up to: Saquon Barkley. He wasn't always the most gifted, but he worked harder than everyone around him and had a drive to be the best. Now, he's one of the best running backs in the NFL.

Reaction to the season being canceled: Sometimes things happen and we don't understand them, but God has a plan for every one of us, and this season is temporary. I've been able to enjoy time at home with my family and focus on making myself better, and I wouldn't have been able to do this during a regular spring lacrosse season.

Message to your teammates: Thank you for always pushing me to be my best on the field and as a person. I wouldn't be who I am today without y'all.

Message to your freshman self: Remember that life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

Thing you won’t miss at all: I won't miss fighting for a parking spot in the gravel parking lot.

Thing you will miss the most: I'll miss my classmates and seeing the people I might never see again after graduation.

Brandon Pierce races down the field during Prosper's 2019 match against Woodlands DII at Prosper High School.