Prosper baseball’s James will miss team’s`band of brothers’ the most

Staff report
Jack James, a member of Prosper High School's baseball team and class of 2020, plans to study business at the University of Arkansas.

Name: Jack James

School: Prosper High School

Sport: Baseball

College Plans: Attending the University of Arkansas to study business. I’m rooming with two other Prosper baseball teammates.

Superstitions, rituals or traditions before or after competing: We always pray as a team and kiss Julio, the baseball team’s wooden eagle. If we are on a winning streak, I will wear the same pair of socks to every game.

Song or music that prepares you for competition: I listen to rap music before the games. It really gets me hyped up and ready to hit the field.

Favorite subject/class: My favorite class period was baseball. I loved that it was my last class of every day.

Favorite teacher and why: Mrs. Alexander in Law Enforcement. She made the class fun. She is always happy. ... Plus she did the pitch counts for the baseball team.

Favorite coach and why: I love all our coaches, but if I had to pick one it would be Coach Cain. I’ve known him since middle school when he taught my leadership class. As our pitching coach, he always pushed me to be the best and he was always available to help me any time I needed him.

Best teammate and why: All of my teammates! We are always there for each other. We push each other during workouts and support each other during the games. We are definitely a band of brothers.

Best high school sports memory: I came in to pitch at the end of the Rockwall Heath game this year. We were up 1-0. I needed to finish the game without them scoring. Luckily, Pendley made an amazing play for the last out and we won.

Best high school non-sports memory: I always enjoyed going to Whataburger after the games with the team. Great team-building.

What you love about your sport: I enjoy the fact that you’re never going to be perfect. You have to grind and work hard all the time.

Favorite sports movie and why: “The Sandlot.” It’s a group of friends trying to learn about life, all while playing baseball.

Describe your school’s Class of 2020: We are strong. None of us wanted to end our year this way. But we will all finish 2020 Prosper Strong.

Biggest lesson learned: Don’t procrastinate. Try not to wait until the last minute to get your stuff done.

Biggest influence in your life: My parents. They have always been so supportive to me and selfless with their time.

Athlete you look up to: Mike Trout. He is an amazing baseball player and he just keeps getting better. He’s all determination and grit.

Reaction to the season being canceled: I was and still am really disappointed.

Message to your teammates: Practice every day like it’s your last. And thanks for making this year as memorable as it could be. I’ll miss all the boys!

Message to your freshman self: The cages are your best friend.

Thing you won’t miss at all: Swimming at the natatorium with the baseball team. That was horrible.

Thing you will miss the most: Practicing and game time with the boys. I’ll miss our great coaches, too.