J.B. Webb — An early Sunday start leads to big surprise

Herald Democrat

I was planning on going fishing Sunday. Charlie and I had already decided we would fish Monday. I had been thinking of trying some new places and baits. That would give me the edge over Charlie.

Monday was on my mind. He had been wearing me out with big fish strikes. He called them up, then used a quick release to let them go. I saw some of his fish and they were broad-shouldered.

As I was getting ready Susan came in and said to look at the backyard. I walked over to the window and looked out and there was a humongous pecan limb laying in the yard. While it was only one limb, it was bigger than some trees we have out there.

It was 36 inches around on the part that broke off from the tree. I posted it on Facebook. I had Susan take a picture of me, my chainsaw and a can of Beer. I couldn’t find a Blue Ox to make the picture perfect. I asked her to say in the caption: Hold my beer and watch this.

The limb was still holding on to the tree and I was being as careful as a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs as I tried to cut it loose. Finally all that was holding it was some bark but I couldn’t get to it and get out alive if it fell before I could get off the ladder.

My friend Roger came up and we put a chain around the far end I revved my truck up and jerked it loose. The rest of the day was spent whacking on the tree and fixing the saw. No pre-fishing.

Monday morning I met Charlie at the ramp and we put my boat in the water. At our first stop we fished around a rocky point with a new tree in the water. I had fished it first and not gotten anything. Charlie cast up there and the water exploded as a good fish went after his Heddon Chugger.

He made a hard hook set after the fish was gone. I missed one too but I’ve seen goldfish in a bowl make a bigger swirl. We moved on and after two more stops with nothing to show for it, the wind was getting up so we went over on the east side in the calm water.

Charlie changes lures a lot and he put on a Tiny Little Heddon Spook. He proceeded to take me to the cleaners. He was slaying them on that little bait. I caught a couple of small bass and some stripers but they didn’t count. I kept fishing; Charlie was catching and releasing bass fairly often. I didn’t have a lure that small or color but that’s what they wanted.

We fished until noon. My boat, all my lures and six rods on the deck and I think I caught two bass for our trip. I’m not sure how many Charlie caught but he spanked me pretty good. Funny thing was all his fish came right off the bank in clear, shallow water. The reason we went Monday was because of the weather forecast for the rest of the week.

It was a good choice on our part because our usual Wednesday trip would have been cold and wet.

I got home and had a phone call, I’ll be at a new event for me, in my going on 79 age body, I’m going to be driving two teenagers in a high school fishing tournament November 20. It’s the Metroplex Division High School tourney with over 200 boats expected.

Little Dixie Bass Club is going to Lake Murray for its November Bass Club Tournament November 6-7. They will use the Martins Landing ramp. Sat. hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday is 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Gunter's last district game is Friday against the S&S Rams. Sheep are a favorite food of Tigers and this fearless forecaster predicts Gunter goes undefeated and has a Sheep Supper. Gunter wins 50 to 7 or more. It’s going to be cool so dress warm and see you there.