J.B. Webb — Get up early for the best fishing results now

Herald Democrat

This month has been a challenge for me and Goober. We have fished together probably 10 times so far. After several trips that were almost disasters fishing-wise, we noticed that the easy life and late starts were not nearly as good as those we started before sunup.

It took us a while to figure out the guides had their fish nailed for that early morning bite. I fished by myself more times than we fished together. I was still in a "rise late and get there after the sun" frame of mind. I caught some fish on every trip but it was really slow.

Sunday Charlie called, had an idea come to him while he was sleeping and said we needed to go fishing. That should have been enough for me to say no but I didn’t. We were there before the sun was up.

Now and then he comes up with some good ideas and this was one. Being in the senior pot age-wise lets us be able to start and stop fishing when we get ready and pick out any day we want to go, which is a plus for getting old and being retried. After changing our fishing time Monday morning, we were at the boat ramp.

The lake was smooth, trees were full of buzzards and a fog, or what we call smoke on the water, made a beautiful start to our fishing day. Running to a favorite rocky point we both caught a fish. Charlie was still throwing that Old retired Heddon Chugger Jr. while I was tossing my Rebel Black and Sliver Pop R.

There are a lot of good baits on the market but as I have said before if you have confidence in a certain lure, whether you know it or not, you fish it better. That’s the way I feel about the Rebel Pop R I am using now. To make things tougher we only allow us to each have, at the most, four rods and reels in the boat but I generally fish with three and Charlie uses two. That makes getting around in his boat easier and a lot safer for the rods.

Moving to our next stop I caught a fish; he was just the wrong color but it was right on the bank and he pulled good. My Pop R doesn’t care what kind of fish is around; it can catch them. We found out we didn’t need to get far from the bank as the fish were in shallow water even after the sun was up.

We kept catching them shallow. I caught a small bass that was almost out of the water he was so shallow, I still don’t know where it come from.  Now if you talk to Goober, he will tell you he missed more big fish than he caught and I’ll back him up on that. He spanked me bad despite not getting one of those big fish in. He did get more fish than me in the boat.

On this trip he was using a quick release I didn’t know he had for those big fish. I saw some of them and they were big and not silver. He had figured in his head he was too slow on setting the hook and not jerking hard enough. To demonstrate how good his idea was, several times he looked like granny knitting as he picked out professional over runs, sounds better than a backlash when you are talking.

There is always a lot of laughing over events that I never tell but just happen when we get together. Joking aside, Charlie is getting to be a lot better at fishing and casting than he was before we starting fishing every week. He has also been bit by the lure bug as he is buying some. Since Heddon quit making that Chugger Jr. I went on eBay and found the page for that lure for him and he is happy as a pig in a mud puddle.

This last trip he gave me a fish whipping despite hitting my rod on a back cast once that got the biggest wad of line I had ever seen on his reel.

This week the Gunter Predictor is going with his call that the Tigers dine on baked Lone Oak Buffalo 50 to 7. Finally, no more Tigers to skin. Dress warm and see you at the game.