J.B. Webb — Fall fishing luring tournaments to Lake Texoma

Herald Democrat

Fall is looked at about as good a time of year you can have. Deer season is starting, Duck hunting, Dove hunting, Goose hunting, some open now and others opening later. Get a TPW Outdoor Annual for more information.

Fall also sees fish starting to move to the backs of creeks and coves looking to fatten up before winter. This time of year can be your best chance of getting that dream fish.

Bait is plentiful and your best bet to catch some of the bass and silver fish is to find bait and you will find fish. Bass will be there and those pesky stripers and sand bass are also in the neighborhood.

While some of the stripers and sand bass are back in these places, the bigger and more plentiful ones are still out in the lake. The guides in our cove are bringing in customers with big grins on their faces and a bag of fillets to take home.

I’m also hearing that Top Waters are taking some big stripers out in the open water. Some gulls have started showing up and when they get here in numbers, finding stripers and sand bass will get a little easier as they will point them out.

Texomaland has something for everyone who likes the outdoors and sitting around a fire as it gets colder.

Lake Texoma is being bombed by fall fishing tournaments. There are usually two or three every weekend. This weekend will feature another high school bass tournament with around 200 boats in it. It is a one-day tournament and all of the teams are fishing for college enrollment help.

This Saturday's tournament weigh-in will be at Denison High School starting at 3 p.m., if anyone wants to go out and see what the visiting school team members can catch.

This weekend will also see the Little Dixie Bass Club of Durant hosting their 40th Open Bass Tournament October 16-17. Catfish Bay is hosting this at Rallye Pavilion and tournament headquarters are also there for those wanting to sign up.

If this tournament is like any of the others I have fished, there will be some good red beans to eat Friday night. I know from fishing a lot of these tournaments with Dean Johnson, including winning one, we never feared running out of gas as the next day it was free. One time before a law took it away, they also had cold Coors beer for the entrants; those were the good old days.

This year entry is $140 that includes big bass and there will be a side pot paying $250 for the person entered weighing in a 3.33-pound bass or the closest to one. Saturday night will see a BBQ dinner for entrants. You should be able to pick up an entry form at most stores selling outdoor items.

The Little Dixie Bass Club also had their October Bass Tournament earlier this month. Eleven boats fished and Brad Russell won with five fish totaling 15.05 pounds. Second went to Jerry Brown and Larry Wills with 14.02 pounds, third was Brad Tolbert and Charlie Keene with 13.41 pounds, fourth was Ron Geasler and John Warsher with 13.23 pounds and fifth was Ed Larkin and Jon Clouse at 11.57 pounds and a 4.55-pound big bass.

This weekend also will see the annual Welcome Home Weekend for our active troops that can get here after a one-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founder Jerry Dorsey and his band of helpers from Texomaland and outer areas — retired military personnel, striper guides and other boaters — are ready to host.

Friday night the buses will arrive at Lakeside VFW Post 7873 at 7 p.m. for a meet-and-greet, a free Meal and boat assignment. For those coming out hungry to show support, the Post will also be selling some darn good hamburgers.

Jerry can still use some donations to help defray costs and help with expenses. He can be reached at 903-786-3981. You can also leave a donation at any of these places: American Legion Post 231, VFW lake Post 7873, The Elks Lodge 238 or Little Mineral Marina, which is a co-sponsor of this worthy event.

To get to the VFW Lake Post 7873, go north on 289 until it ends, turning right then left will get you there. Saturday morning the troops leave from Little Mineral Marina to go fishing and the weigh-in will take place there about 10.30 a.m. Lunch is at Georgetown Baptist Church at 11:30 a.m. Saturday night the Elks Lodge 238 will feed them, give out awards and other fun events will go on. Sunday morning American Veterans Post 231 will furnish breakfast at 7:30 a.m. before the troops leave.

Thank you Jerry and all of your helpers for their time and hard work, doing this each year.

Tuesday Charlie and I went fishing. He had an old friend with him and I was by myself. Our name change must be working as neither of us had anything happen to us. We were on the lake early and it was calm.

He went south; I went north. I figured I’d fish this side while it was calm and move over to the east bank as the south wind got up. My first two stops: nothing. My next stop was at a shallow shelf with a little wind blowing on it. On my second cast the water exploded as a big smallmouth came shooting out of the water with my P50 Rebel Pop R completely in his mouth.

Talk about a tug of war. I finally got it close enough to net it. It went 2-3/4 pounds. Not long after on another rocky point I got another tail-walking smallmouth that also had my lure completely in its mouth.

Moving to High Line Cove, the wind was starting to get up. I managed to get another smallmouth in my boat as I rock and rolled. Moving over to the east side to fish in calmer water, I caught a fish on the east side of a little cove as I fished toward the back. My last three fish I caught fishing the bank just before getting to one fish rock.

I turned the corner and ran into Charlie and Stanley working toward me. Charlie had caught a three-pound smallmouth and four more fish to make five. He was throwing that no longer made Heddon Yellow Shore Chugger Jr he loves. He had me on big bass but I ended up ahead numberwise with eight fish after catching one more in our cove, so I won.

All my fish came on the Rebel Pop R except the last one when I caught it on a War Eagle Shaky Head with a 3 inch or so YUM Dinger I had cut down for it. Keep it in mind this time of the year shad and crawfish plastics baits rate high on the menu for black bass.

Pradco Outdoors has a large selection of different Plastic Baits. Go to Lurenet.com for a starting place to see all of the new lures.

Crappie are still slow about biting in the Fish Market, a.k.a. a boathouse. My Blakemore Road Runner 1/8 oz. heads fished with different plastics are catching a few.  I’m not alone; I have a friend with the new cutting-edge electronics that show everything a fish has, who is not catching them like he did last year yet. He says he can see them but making them bite is another kettle of fish so to say.

Poor old Stanley didn’t catch a fish. All of Charlie's fish also came on the Chugger. I’m wanting to go again this week but it looks like it might be a bit damp so I’ll wait and see. Gunter is off this Friday so no prediction.