J.B. Webb — Summer is over and Texoma's calming down

Herald Democrat

Finally, praise the Lord, the summer crush is fading away as fall things likes school and football and volleyball are taking the place of summer activities like swimming, fishing and boating.

This is possibly the best time of the year for me. Tombstone and I did a few trips of night fishing this year — some were good, some weren’t — but it’s the only time in the summer you can fish without being buzzed by Jet Skis who could keep further away.

The water was high this summer and I think it might have had some effect on my night fishing. The only time I like it better is winter, when fish bunch up in the cold water and I have some spots to hit when there's only a few boats around. There are still a few end-of-year tournaments coming up on Texoma.

One is going out of Highport this weekend. It’s a two-day tournament with approximately 80 boats. I didn’t get the name of the trail Wednesday when I talked to one of the fishermen who had qualified. I’ll try to get out to the weigh-in Saturday and find out who and what and where they come from.

Now I’m getting on my soap box. This Saturday will mark the 20th year since the 9-11 attract. People and businesses who have flags flying, lower them to half staff. I see lots of flags — some ragged, some torn, some in tatters — that never seem to go up or down. I was a Sherman Fire Department member for 30 years. It’s hard to explain how these jobs and 9-11 affect us even today. Anyone who has worked any time for law enforcement or fire departments know we become a family and when one hurts, we all hurt.

I was home off duty watching the news break when the first tower fell. I said to myself we just lost a lot of firemen. Then the second fell. Now I know it’s been 20 years and many have forgotten about it or kids have never been told. This Saturday, pause for a few minutes at 8:45 a.m. when the North Tower fell, then at 9:53 the South Tower fell. I’m sure the news stations will be showing the whole event so you can likely see it anywhere.

For myself, I’ll set up my little display by the road under my flag for the 20th time. I play patriotic music, then switch to Amazing Grace on the bagpipes for the North Tower and a girl with a beautiful voice for the South Tower singing it without any instruments backing her. Anyone who wants to stop by to pause and hear the music, the gate will be open.

After a lot of bad trips this summer when it was fishing more than catching, I finally had a good day trip. It started bad because the wind was blowing. I went back in the house for more coffee. Sometimes I’m a wuss. Ginger was ready for her morning ride. When we came back the wind had laid some.

As I was already hooked up, it didn’t take long for me to be on the water. The lake wasn’t bad as I left our ramp. I ran to the back of Little Mineral and found a big old tree out in the water that I didn’t know had floated in. Going to a rocky bank with the wind coming in on it, I started working it. It was a slow start.

I was just about to give up and was thinking of moving when a bass crashed my Rebel P60 Popper. Getting the keeper fish in I let it go. It took a while before as the lure landed just off the bank before I was ready a big bass was all over it and he didn’t hook himself. Not long after I went over a big log under the water I got another Popper keeper and later I had another bass swirl at it but no hookup.

I went to another rocky point and after switching to a Bandit Crankbait I caught a drum. Working my way out of Little Mineral I stopped at one-fish rock. Very seldom do you catch more than one fish at it. This time I caught two keepers. My next stop was out on a main lake point. I caught three more — a big Smallmouth and two Kentuckys. It was around 11 a.m. and I was thinking of going in when silver fish started breaking all around me.

I keep one rod rigged with a weighted cork and streamer just for when this happen. Every cast had a fish on, as I use a barbless hook, not all of them got in the boat. Turned out they were sandbass and some were big. I lost and missed more than I caught.

It was getting warm. I had caught fish, shared a beautiful morning and just rode around. Doesn’t get much better. Every bass I caught Wednesday came on the Rebel P60 Black & Sliver Pooper. Fourteen fish wasn’t a bad five hours of fun.

The Little Dixie Bass Club had their September Tournament on Texoma. It was a night tournament. Winning was Brad Tolbert and Charlie Keene with fish at 15.69 pounds, second was Jon Clouse and Ed Larkin with five at 13.99 pounds and Clouse had big bass, a nice 4.97-pounder. Third was Mark Bisson and Michael Stout with five totaling 12.07 pounds, fourth was Joe Johnson and Brandon Beaver with five at 11.89 pounds and fifth was Larry and Elaine Wills with five going 10.80 pounds. This a good club if you want to join one.

After the feather plucking we gave the Cardinals, and arresting the Raiders the week before. I said at the start of my predicting for this year the Road to State is 289 and goes through Gunter. This week sees us playing another 3A-I team, Whitesboro. Looks like another animal rug for the coaches floor as Gunter wins by 30. See you there.