Prosper sitting at the top in District 5-6A play heading into the final game of district

By Rick Bailey
For the Prosper Press

Prosper - The Prosper Lady Eagles (9-2/21-3-1) are sitting at the top of District 5-6A with Allen. The Lady Eagles picked up two wins this past week going into the final week of district play. They defeated Denton Braswell 9-8 on April 19 and then picked up a 3-2 win over district co-leader Allen.  

In the Braswell game EB Bottitt went 2 for 4 from the plate and Josey Dodgson also went 2 for 4 with one double and an rbi. Ayden Allen was 2 for 3 with one triple and one rbi. Rylie McDaniel was 1 for 3 with that hit being a homerun and she added two rbi. Abbey Beasley was 1 for 2 with two rbi. Elissa Griffin (five strikeouts) and Sydney Lewis (five strikeouts) combined on the mound for the victory.

When the top two teams in District 5-6A went toe to toe on April 20 the Lady Eagles brought home a win 3-2. Sydney Lewis was 1 for 2 with one double and Elizabeth was 1 for 3. Gabby Coffey was 1 for 3 with one double. Abbey Beasley picked up the win on the mound with nine strikeouts.      

Season leaders for Prosper on offense include: Batting Average - Elizabeth Moffitt . 493, Sydney Lewis .477, Gabby Coffey .435, Abbey Beasley .370, Jessica Malan .368, EB Bobbitt .364, Josey Dodgson .348, Ayden Allen .344 and Elissa Griffen .333. 

Lady Eagle leaders in runs scored include: Jessica Malan 35, Kristi Ortega 27, Gabby Coffey 25, Elizabeth Moffitt 21, Ayden Allen 20, Sydney Lewis 20, Riley McDaniel 15, Reese Williams 12, EB Bobbitt 11 and Abbey Beasley 10.

Lady Eagle leaders in runs batted in (RBI) include: Elizabeth Moffitt 40, Gabby Coffey 33, Sydney Lewis 32, Josey Dodgson 21, Ayden Allen 14, Abbey Beasley 13 and EB Bobbitt 12.

Prosper leaders in extra base hits include: Doubles - Sydney Lewis 12, Gabby Coffey 9, Elizabeth Moffitt 8, Josey Dodgson 7, EB Bobbitt 4, Ayden Allen 3 and Abbey Beasley 2.

Prosper leaders in extra base hits include: Triples - Jessica Malan 4, EB Bobbitt 3, Josey Dodgson 2, Gabby Coffey 2, Ayden Allen 2, Sydney Lewis 1, and Elizabeth Moffitt 1.

Prosper leaders in extra base hits include: Home Runs - Elizabeth Moffitt 12, Gabby Coffey 9, Sydney Lewis 8, Abbey Beasley 3 and Josey Dodgson 2. 

Pitching for the Lady Eagles is in the trusty arms of junior Elissa Griffen (9-2) with a 1.65 ERA and 78 strikeouts, senior Abbey Beasley (8-1) with a 1.81 ERA and 75 strikeouts and junior Sydney Lewis (3-0) with 2.50 ERA and 12 strikeouts.  

District 5-6A standings as of April 15 are as follows: Prosper (9-2/21-3-1), Allen (9-2/22-6-2), Denton Guyer (4-2/9-2), McKinney Boyd (5-6/9 -16), Little Elm (1-6/1-9), McKinney (1-6/2-9) and Denton Braswell (0-5/1-8) based on MaxPreps statistics. 

Prosper travels to McKinney Boyd on April 23 for the final game of district play.