Rock Hill Lady Blue Hawks holding tight at the top of the district race at 8-1

By Rick Bailey
For the Prosper Press

Rock Hill - The Rock Hill Lady Blue Hawk (8-1/17-6) find themselves still locked in a first play tie in District 10-5A after picking up two wins this past week. The Lady Blue Hawks got a 12-0 win over Sherman and pulled out a tight 12-11 win over The Colony.    

In their 12-0 win over Sherman the Rock Hill Lady Blue Hawks were led by Jolie Molina who went 4 for 4 on the day with five rbi, two doubles and one triple. Emily Alvarez was 2 for 3 hitting with one rbi. Katrina Luna was 2 for 4 with three rbi and two doubles. Grace Berlage was 1 for 3 with two rbi. Taylor Hagen picked up the win on the mound. 

On April 6 Rock Hill’s 12-11 win was driven by their two runs in the sixth inning followed by a four run surge in the bottom of the seventh inning for the win. Camila Spriggs was 4 for 4 on the day with one double. Katerina Luna was 3 for 5 with two rbi. Emma Hill went 2 for 5 at the plate with one rbi. Jolie Malan had one big hit with a homerun and picked up two rbi. Dawson Hill also went 1 for 4 hitting with two rbi. Grace Berlage and Taylor Hagen combined for the win on the mound.  

Season leaders for Rock Hill on offense include: Batting Average - Veronica Culley .483, Emily Alvarez .435, Jolie Malan .419, Katerina Luna .414, Emma Hill .404, Aislynn Hardin .283, Camila Spriggs . 2.78, Taylor Hagen .273 and Aislynn Hardin .259.

Season leaders for Lady Blue Hawks on offense include: On-Base Percentage - Veronica Culley .532, Jolie Malan .493, Katerina Luna .461, Emma Hill .451, Emily Alvarez .429, Aislynn Hardin .400, Camila Spriggs .367, Taylor Hagen .366 and Dawson Hill .351.

Lady Blue Hawk leaders in runs scored include: Jolie Malan 25, Veronica Culley 21, Emily Alvarez 21, Katerina Luna 21, Emma Hill 17, Katerina Luna 15, Aislynn Hardin 12, Camila Spriggs 11,  Tristalyn Lee 10 and Dawson Hill 9.

Rock Hill leaders in runs batted in (RBI) include: Katerina Luna 33, Jolie Malan 14, Veronica Culley 13, Dawson Hill 10, Emma Hill 9, Emily Alvarez 9 and Aislynn Hardin 9. 

Lady Blue Hawk leaders in extra base hits include: Doubles - Katerina Luna 12, Jolie Malan 5, Dawson Hill 4, Camilla Spriggs 3, Emma Hill 3, Aislynn Hardin 2, Veronica Culley 2, Grace Berlage 2  and Taylor Hagen 2.

Rock Hill leaders in extra base hits include: Triples - Jolie Malan 7 and Katerina Luna 3.

Lady Blue Hawk leaders in extra base hits include: Home Runs - Dawson Hill 3, Taylor Hagen 3, Katerina Luna 2, Jolie Malan 2 and Veronica Cully 1.

Pitching for the Lady Blue Hawks falls on the arms of Grace Berlage (7-3) with 2.72 ERA and 68 strikeouts in 17 appearances and Taylor Hagen (6-2) with 3.99 ERA and 52 strikeouts in 15 appearances.

District 10-5A standing through March 30: Lovejoy (8-1/19-6-3), Rock Hill (8-1/17-6), Denison (5-2/12-7), Wylie East (2-2/3-7), The Colony (4-5/5-7-2), Princeton 6(2-7/13-11-1), McKinney North (1-6/1-14) and Sherman (1-7/1-13) according to MaxPreps. 

The Lady Blue Hawks upcoming schedule includes: April 9 - McKinney North at Rock Hill and April 13 - Rock Hill at Wylie East.