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Results for Round 2 - Playoffs (Oct. 31 games)

Third Grade: Prosper (22) versus Princeton (6)

Season record: 6-1

Offensive Player of Game:  Mezu Ogwuru

Defensive Player of Game:  Cameron Gosselin

**Advances to Super Bowl 11/7**

Fourth Grade: Prosper (36) versus Princeton (0)

Season record: 7-0

Offensive Player of Game: Deuce Boozer

Defensive Player of Game:  Kade Pittenger

**Advances to Super Bowl 11/7**

Fifth Grade Green: Prosper (14) versus Denison (0)

Season record: 8-0

Offensive Player of Game:  Jack Folkerts 

Defensive Player of Game:  Blake Jenk

**Advances to Super Bowl 11/7**

Post game photo of the 6th grade green team after defeating Sherman 18-6.

Sixth Grade Green: Prosper (18) versus Sherman (6)

Season record: 5-2

Offensive Player of Game: Jackson Parker

Defensive Player of Game:  Jack Morgan

**Advances to Super Bowl 11/7**