Jumping into the new year with resolutions

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
If buying a home is on your bucket list, consider making some resolutions to make that happen.

New Year’s Resolutions have been a topic of conversation in the last few weeks.  People have started diets, or resolved to sleep more, or to be more mindful of their spending.  Many people view a new year as a perfect opportunity to develop new habits. 

Making resolutions is not a new tradition.  According to the History Channel, the tradition is over 4,000 years old, and used to include dedicating allegiance to the king as part of the yearly celebration, as well as more personal goals.  As time progressed, this tradition moved from a spiritual to more secular practice for most people. 

Recently, Prosper residents wrote about their resolutions or intentions for the coming year. 

Niki Carbajal said “I am on a mission to be kinder to myself physically this year.” 

“Well I sure wish the political divide would disappear but that’s not going to happen,” said Crystal Smith.  “Just focusing on myself, my family and my own inner peace considering the chaos in the world around us. It’s hard not to let all that mess creep into your head” 

LInda Kay is focused on health.    

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"Food as medicine" is my goal. Looking forward to doing something great for our 10th anniversary later in the year 

“Wellness! In body, mind, and soul,” Diane SKiff said.  “Eat right, be kind to others, be the friend to others as I’d want for myself, and stop sweating the things that don’t matter. That means less social media.” 

Live in the moment, Julie Graves said.  “ Tomorrow isn’t promised and yesterday is gone. Today is the day! Be mindful, compassionate, an inspiration to all those around you. Let’s make this year better by not causing further division in politics, religion or social status.” 

Be present,” Laura Spauling-Weaver said.   

I feel like the world has been looking down at their phones, TV or some other device for the last two years. I’m committed to putting my phone away and being present with my family, myself and finding quiet time to be with God daily. Oh and to have a device free day once a week. 

Two responses were focused on a single word, a technique recommended by author Gretchen Rubin.   

Idet Keshmeshian’s word of the year is “breakthrough.” 

“My word of the year is "Reinvention". There's a whole 2021 long story behind what brought me to the word, but that's what it is,” said Angela Mosley.