Prosper filled with gratitude, just in time for Thanksgiving

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
What causes post-meal drowsiness on Thanksgiving Day?

The past two years have been challenging for many area residents and businesses in ways that could not have been predicted in the years prior. Still, a head of the upcoming holiday, area residents and Prosper staff have taken the time to reflect and provide prospective.

They also talked about plans for Thanksgiving and the following holiday season.

“This year I am thankful for the sense that life is getting back to some sense of normalcy," council member Jeff Hodges said. "From where we were last year during the pandemic to where we are not, it is great to see everyone enjoying themselves again.” 

Prosper Fire Rescue Chief Stuart Blasingame spends at least a portion of the day watching the Cowboys game. 

“I am thankful for my wonderful wife Michelle and my two sons, Connor and Seth,” Blasingame said.  “I am thankful they are healthy and safe.  We have lost some great friends and loved ones this year and I have learned to never take tomorrow for granted.  I am thankful for a great career and a second family that means the world to me.  I am thankful for great friends I can always count on.  I am thankful to serve and live in a community that cares, supports, and loves one another.  Small Town, big heart!” 

Prosper Police Chief Doug Kowalski is “thankful for continued good health, family, friends, and the dedicated service of our military and first responders.  I am also grateful for living in the greatest state in the greatest nation under God.” 

Kowalski has a tradition of visiting the Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital during this time of year. 

“The children’s resilience and gratefulness is overwhelming,” Kowalski said.   

Other Prosper residents have also taken time to express gratitude this time of year.   

“My 85 year old mother is coming to visit.  She’s healthy, no worries.  But I know my time with her is limited and I am thankful for another year,” Leah Dishong said. 

Jennifer Perrin is grateful that her husband is retiring from the Navy.  “He has been in the Navy for 27 years and we can finally have overdue family time.”  

Danelle Styacich and her husband had a surprise this year.  “I am grateful for my miracle baby boy.  Me and my husband were not supposed to be able to have children, but we were blessed to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery in September.”   

Cindy Melgarejo had a similar experience.  “I am thankful for our son,” Melgarejo said.  “We were told we would likely never have kids, but here he is.  Our little miracle.  For this child I have prayed (and prayed and prayed.)” 

Diane Skiff is new to Prosper — and to Texas — and is thankful to be here. 

“We moved in August 2020 and we love it.  We consider ourselves refugees from California, so we feel like we are assimilating.  Our teens now say ‘yes ma’am and no ma’am,’ and we have both the Texas flag and the USA flag in our front yard every holiday.  I am even starting to enjoy country music in small doses.  My husband bought a truck, he smokes meat, we became members at a local gun club, and we vote for candidates and policies that will keep us free.  Every morning we wake up in Texas, we thank God we are here, and we would never want to change Texas in any way.”   

Marie Bailey and Nancy Highers both said they are grateful for living in Texas.   

“I finally finished my doctorate,” Beth Dolliver said.  Way to go! 

Wendy Russell said, “I am thankful for Jesus, family, church, and Celebrate Recovery.”   

“I am thankful for my family, especially my mom, who has helped me raise my daughter for the last year and a half.  I would not have been able to get through the first year of motherhood without them,” Emm Morisseau said.   

Michelle Price is grateful for her neighborhood. 

“I am thankful to live in a little melting pot,” Price said.  “We have neighbors from all over the country and the world.  From Sweden to India to Illinois and Michigan.  Everyone embraces and accepts one another and we bond over our cultural similarities and differences.”   

“My son, for teaching me to be a better mom and a person, and my husband who works so hard to support us,” Tammy Kotara said.   

Chrissy Vo said, “I am thankful for the Medical City staff in Plano for saving my husband’s life.”

Tania Barron is thankful for Freedom Fighters. 

“After a sixteen year hiatus, I am thankful to have ponies again,” Megan Henry said.  “I am thankful to be able to share my passion with my daughters.”

Monica Pittenger summed it up nicely, and reflects what many people feel.  “I am thankful for my family.  It is always my family.” 

Happy Thanksgiving