School board approves school for pre-K

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
Prosper ISD school board approved the class size waiver for K-4, to allow for a slight increase in ratio as enrollment for the district increased to 21K.

Prosper ISD School Board met on October 18th for their monthly meeting.  The meeting began with an acknowledgement of Bernadette Gerace who won the Herb Salinger Personnel Administrator of the Year Award in Washington DC, and an award for the 107 National Merit Scholars in the district. 

Superintendent Holly Ferguson encouraged the students. 

“I am so very proud because this is the Super bowl of academics,” Ferguson said.  “I want to thank you teachers for what you have done to help these students, and thank you parents for all you do to encourage these students to be a success.”   

At the beginning of the regular meeting, Ferguson reviewed the enrollment information.  Currently, there are 21,585 students enrolled in PISD.  A video with construction updates was viewed, with information about Star Trail Elementary and Walnut Grove High School.  

The school board approved the consent agenda, including a budget amendment.  Additionally, the board approved the class size waiver for K-4, to allow for a slight increase in ratio as enrollment increases.   

The board approved a routine item that continues the investments of Prosper ISD.   The school board approved the replacement of 45 Chromebooks that are no longer working.  “We are probably in a cycle where we are going to see this,” Ferguson said. “This is probably an annual thing, as technology gets so out of date that it is not able to be updated.” 

Holly Ferguson

The board approved to sell the Apple equipment that is not being used.  There are about 550 items that are aging out of being useful.  The items are being sold, and the funds will go into the technology portion of the budget. 

The purchase of the  technology for Star Trail Elementary was approved, including equipment for teachers, students, and the phone system. 

“Because there have been some delays in equipment recently, we are approving this purchase early to ensure that we have the technology when we need it,” Ferguson said.    

New sites for schools were discussed, and a pre-Kindergarten school was approved in Westridge. 

“If we do not build an early childhood center, we will essentially take over elementary school classrooms,” Deputy Superintendent Greg Bradley said.  “We think this is a good site for this school.  We would like to get started on designing a prototype for the pre-Kindergarten center.  The anticipated student capacity for this school is about 750 students.”  

“The majority of the students that qualify for our pre-K program are qualifying based on language,” Ferguson said.  “It is so important for these students to get early intervention so that they can be ready for elementary school.  We also want to include the parents in this, as their participation makes all the difference.”   

Finally, the school board listened to public comments.  Students from Proper High School commented about the treatment of LGBTQIA students in Prosper ISD.  Additionally, a member of the community commented about vaccinations and masks for students.  Finally, a parent spoke about the program “Brain Pop,” that is no longer being used in the district. 

Prosper School board typically meets on the third Monday of the month at 7 p.m.