November election has 8 state constitution amendments

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Early voting has begun on the November 2nd election.  Residents of Denton county may vote at Prosper Fire Station Number 2 and residents of Collin county may vote at Prosper Town Hall. 

Early voting is from October 18-29. Election Day is Nov. 2. 

All items on the ballot this year are Texas State Constitution Amendments.  All of these propositions have been passed by the State Legislature and are now required to pass by popular vote in the November 2nd election before being added to the state constitution.  

Proposition 1 is in regard to gambling, and authorizes professional sports team’s charity organizations to conduct raffles at rodeos.  Specifically, these allow the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and/or the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association to hold raffles at their events.   

Proposition 2 allows voters to determine if counties have permission to issue bonds to fund infrastructure and transportation in “unproductive, underdeveloped, and blighted areas” of the county.   

Proposition 3 would allow the Texas State Legislature to amend the Texas Constitution to prohibit the state, counties, or municipalities from enacting a law, rule, or order that limits religious services.  This proposition is in response to COVID-19 and some areas restricting gathering of groups of people during the pandemic.  

Proposition 4 is about the eligibility requirements of a justice of the Texas Supreme Court, a judge of the criminal court of appeals, a justice of a court of appeals and a district judge.  This amendment would come into effect on January 1st, 2025, and would require that people in these positions above be a Texas resident and either practice law or be a judge in Texas for ten years.  It would also prohibit someone from becoming a judge in one of these positions if their law license was suspended or revoked. 

Proposition 5 authorizes the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct to investigate complaints and reports against candidates who run for state judicial office.

Proposition 6 would allow for residents in nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, or state-supported living centers to appoint one essential caregiver that would be allowed in-person visitation.  This proposition is in response to the shut down of visitation of these facilities during the pandemic.  Caregivers have petitioned lawmakers to pass this amendment to prevent residents from becoming isolated, as the isolation from loved ones causes harm to residents.   

Proposition 7 allows the legislature to extend a homestead tax limit for surviving spouses of disabled individuals as long as the spouse lives in the home and is at least 55 years old.  This will ensure that the taxes for the home do not increase substantially upon the passing of the disabled spouse.

Proposition 8 is similar to Proposition 7, except it applies to the surviving spouses of members of the military to those fatally injured in the line of duty.  If a service member dies from injuries sustained in active duty, his or her spouse would be protected from a sudden increase of property taxes.   

Texas voters will take up 8 amendments in the November election.