Community comes together for outdoor entertainment

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
The town holds the picnic in September, both because of the weather and because children are back into their school routine.

Members of the Prosper Community came together for a hotdog picnic, live music, and games on September 25th at Frontier Park.  The picnic, organized by town staff and served by members of the Town Council, is an annual event that encourages residents to come together and learn about the non-profit programs and clubs in Prosper. 

“We are celebrating all things Prosper here at the picnic,” Council Member Amy Bartley said.  “It is a chance for us to hang out together, listen to some live music, and get to know each other.  This is important because our community is very relational and we have to work at coming together to keep that close bond.” 

The town holds the picnic in September, both because of the weather and because children are back into their school routine.

“We want people to come out and see other families,” Bartley said.  “It is exciting for kids to see someone from one of their classes or even someone from the school staff outside of school.  We like having it at the same time every year because it becomes one of those Town traditions.” 

The Town Council served the food at the picnic in an effort to meet residents. 

“We like meeting the residents, Bartley said.  “We want residents to talk to us so we know how we can best serve them.  We are doing our best, but it is really when the residents can talk to us, come to a Town Council meeting, join a group that communicates with us, that is when we are really able to make Prosper better.”   

The owners of Starcare Pharmacy and their friends  in Prosper saw the activity at the park and joined in the picnic. 

“This is nice because we are able to sit at tables, perfect weather, and we are able to sit and have a snack,” Craig Patel said.  “We come to this park a lot.  It is such a nice place to come and hang out.  We are looking forward to Prosper having more restaurants and fun activities.  If we are going to spend money, we want to spend it here in Prosper.” 

Three year twins Ella and Henry visited the fire truck and First Responders several times during the picnic. 

“We liked coming to the park,” Ella said.  “We saw lots of people here.  I hear the music and the ambulance. We got some snacks.”

“We just moved to Prosper and this is such a great place to have kids,” Steve Liu said.  “There are friendly people here and we are able to listen to music and hang out.  We have four kids, so a place we can go where we can sit and relax while the kids play is so nice for a family-oriented town.  I appreciate events like this.  This is the type of community that we want for our family.”

John and Linda Guthrie  came to the event for date night. 

“We knew this was happening and I thought we needed to come sit outside,” Linda Guthrie said.  “We love watching the kids running around and all the people.  We really like being able to sit and relax.  We know that they had to keep it smaller this year because of Covid but I am so glad that they did something.  The Town needs to keep having these things and more people will start to attend more. It takes time for these things to catch on but it will.”