Breast cancer group offers women support

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
The first gift the Tuman Breast Cancer Foundation was able to provide was $5,000 to a woman to help with her financial burden.

The Prosper community is known for taking care of each other, and Natalie Tuman experienced this first hand - and is now giving back.

In 2018, Tuman was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was a frightening time for her family, but she had the love and support of neighbors and friends.  After beating the cancer, Tuman knew that she had to start an organization that would help other women in the way she was supported. 

“Our mission is to financially and emotionally assist women within our local community throughout their breast cancer journey,” Tuman said.  “We know that each woman has different needs and we want to provide specifically what they need on this phase of their journey.”   

“The community rallied behind my family and I,” Tuman said. “We had more help than we knew what to do with.  It was so humbling.  But not everyone has family and friends here in Prosper, and we want to be able to assist women as they go through this struggle.”

The first gift the Tuman Breast Cancer Foundation was able to provide was $5,000 to a woman to help with her financial burden. 

“We decided that we needed to step out in faith and go forward in our purpose. I knew there was a reason that our family was chosen for this battle.  So now we are able to forward and help and love others.  This helps me and my family heal from the trauma of my illness as well, it is really healing for all of us.” 

“Sometimes it is difficult in these breast cancer battles to even get out of bed,” Tuman said.  “You just do not have the energy. Your husband is there but he is trying to take care of everything.  This extra support where you need it can really make the difference.  Originally we were just going to help financially.  One of our board members was honest with us - money is great, but really having more hands on help is what is needed.  We just brainstormed all the things that we moms do: laundry, meals, taking kids back and forth to soccer practice.  That is the stuff that is so hard for us when we are sick.  We reached out to members of the community that offer those services and they help us out so much so we are able to provide those things to the women.” 

The Tuman Breast Cancer Foundation provides whatever service may be needed.  “We love women where they are,” Tuman said.  “Be it house cleaning, yard maintenance, child care, hanging Christmas lights, lawn care, transportation for them or their kids.  Whatever they need, we try to provide.” 

Information about the Tuman Breast Cancer Foundation is on the website at  The foundation will host a fundraiser event on October 24th at Silo Park.  Residents can also support the foundation by sharing information in the community and referring women fighting breast cancer to the foundation.