Prosper ISD parent writes novels, gives advice to future authors

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
Kristen Ethridge

Kristen Ethridge has three children in Prosper ISD schools, and is busy with the daily life of getting children to events, paying bills, making meals, and the rest of the boring “real world” tasks that we all face. 

What makes this Prosper parent different is that she writes books that give her readers a chance to escape, or as Ethridge says, “sweet escape romances.”

“My books are fun, cute, sweet romance, often with a Christian-faith thread,” Ethridge said.  “Basically, if you watch Hallmark movies and like the feel of those types of stories, my books are that same sort of feeling.   They are books you would feel comfortable sharing with your friends, your mom, or your grandma.  These are good-feeling kinds of romance.” 

Ethridge took her first writing class when she was still in high school. 

“I learned from Patricia Kay, who was writing for a division of Harlequin.  She wrote short serial romance novels.  I found that I loved writing this type of book.  I ended up joining the Romance Writers of America.”

“I then went to Baylor, joined the RWA there in Waco,” Ethridge said.  “I got to network with wonderful people.  I think every single lady I networked with there was published.  Those ladies really adopted me and supported me.  One of my degrees is in professional writing, and so I got to learn more about marketing, writing, and screenplays.  I just really got to find out what I enjoyed reading and writing and my career took off from there.” 

Ethridge uses some of her life experiences to inspire the books. 

“I have a series based in a fictional setting in Port Provident, which is based on Galveston.  I have made this an idealized town.   I have a calling to write stories that make people smile.  There is enough real life bad news out there, this is not that.  These books are an escape from real life.”   

“This is my way of putting a stake in the ground and saying that I want to write what I want reflected in the world,” Ethridge said.  “Yes, we have challenges and we change and work, but we can come out better.  We all have that power.  These stories can inspire the readers to keep working, keep trying, and see the glass half full.  This is the reason that I write these types of stories, to inspire.  I want to put these positive stories out into the world and give people hope and a break from real life.” 

“This season is fun for me because I wrote October Kiss with Hallmark Publishing,” Ethridge said.  “That movie will be shown on the Hallmark channel for the month of October and that always makes me smile.  It is nice to know that I am giving people a break and a chance to feel good.”   

Ethridge gives advice to future writers. “There is no better way to learn writing than by reading.  Find the type of books that you want to write, and just read as many books as you can. You are able to feel the pace and the beat of the stories, you know how long before the twist in the story happens, all of that.  Reading those books will give you such a feel for how the stories go, and then it is easier for you to write books in that genre.”

Additionally, there are aspiring writer groups online. 

“Many people will ask about the plot development, and if you read that type of book it will make it so much easier to develop a story,” Ethridge said.  “Look at the authors who consistently sell, and investigate what makes those books appealing.”[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]“It is important for writers to keep trying and writing,” Ethridge said.  “Not every book is going to be your best book and that is ok.  You get better every time you write a complete story.  Do not be afraid to finish writing a book, even if it is not perfect.  Then start a new story.  This craft takes being active and continuing to learn.”   

Ethridge’s books are available digitally and in print.  More information about her books is available on her website