Local political action committee forms

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
The PAC group in Prosper meets monthly.

Prosper residents have formed a Political Action Committee after about 18 months of planning.  This group, called Prosper Citizens Group PAC, has a written mission, vision, bylaws, and objectives that give members a common direction.  The group meets monthly at the Gin on the second Wednesday of the month.  

“We have found people who are willing to get engaged and really work for what we want Prosper to be,” Doug Charles said.  “We want people to be engaged in what is going on in Prosper.  As people continue to move here, we need to encourage them to know what is going on here.  People are so trusting of our elected officials, and we just need to be a little better at educating ourselves and others.”

“We want to support the town and school board, but to do that, we need to find candidates that align with our values,” Charles said.  “Once we support candidates and get them hopefully elected, we need to hold those officials accountable.  For example, “380 on 380 is important to the Town and to the school district.  We need to talk about these things and educate residents.”   

Freedom of choice is a core value of the PAC. 

“We want to support people if they want to wear masks, for example, but also support people if they choose not to wear a mask,” Charles said.  This is just one issue, and not the only issue we talk about, but we definitely want to be vocal about how we value choice.”

“Ultimately, we are driven by our values, which focus on the US Constitution and Texas Constitution,” Janelle Davis said.  “When we are faced with any issue that comes up in the Town or in the schools, all we need to do is go back and see if it aligns with those two values.  We may push the school board for more information, but it is not that we are fighting with them about a topic, we just want transparency to see if that issue aligns with our values.”   

While the PAC is still in the beginning phases and no social aspect has yet developed, the leadership is hopeful that it will evolve with time. 

“We know that like-minded families spend time together,” Charles said.  “Right now we are getting set up, working hard to educate and connect with our community, and to determine what work needs to be done.  But we are sure that, as committees meet, their families will become closer as well.  Additionally, we want to provide resources for parents to talk to their children about those values so that we can help these families stay true to what is important to them.”   

“It is important to know that we will not all believe in exactly the same thing about each topic,” Davis said.  “We may only believe in the same 80% of the topics exactly, but we know that we can discuss those 20% and come to a common ground.  We are wanting our community to be the absolute best it can be.  All we want to do is provide information and give people an opportunity to address what is going on in their community.  We are membership-based and we elect the leadership.  We really welcome new members to join us and help us work together to make Prosper a more cohesive community.  

“If a Prosper resident is unsure, I suggest they look at our website at https://prospercitizengroup.com,” Davis said.  “We have open meetings and we really have nothing to hide.  We are working with transparency and really working to help out every person in Prosper.”