Prosper memorializes 9/11

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
A 9/11 ceremony ceremony was a combined effort between Prosper ISD and the Prosper first responders.

Residents gathered at the Children’s Health the morning of September 11 of this year to remember the 2001 terrorist attacks 20 years before. 

At the event, a joint ceremony hosted by the Prosper Independent School District and Prosper area first responders, parents taught their children about the importance of that day, as well as for all adults to remember how the attack impacted lives. 

“We are here to honor all the lives that were lost,” Prosper ISD Superintendent Holly Ferguson said.  “All of our lives were changed forever.  Our freedom is not free, we are all well aware of that, especially on days like today.  We need to remember to be thankful for what we have.  God bless Prosper Texas and God Bless the USA.”

A 9/11 ceremony ceremony was a combined effort between Prosper ISD and the Prosper first responders.

Assistant Police Chief Scott Brewer spoke at the ceremony.

“I believe many of you will agree that the unforgettable and unforgivable attacks of September 11 left lasting scars on the country and the generations that followed,” Brewer said. “We are here to reflect on those horrendous events, the weeks and months that followed, and to remember and honor the thousands of souls that were lost.  Just like many of you, my thoughts and prayers are with those families who lost so much.”  

“The healing and rebuilding brought out the best of us,” Brewer said.  “I can tell you that, as a young police officer, I was in awe of the number of American flags I saw in those days and weeks after the attack.  I was in awe of the kindness and respect people extended to each other.  And I was certainly in awe of the pride that so many people had of being an American. "

A 9/11 ceremony ceremony was a combined effort between Prosper ISD and the Prosper first responders.

Brewer also said unfortunately over the years that allegiance is less noticeable. 

"The abundant acts of kindness are less noticeable," Brewer said. "This is concerning to me and I hope it is to you as well.  I fear that we are so immersed in our day to day lives that we have become complacent and unconsciously disregard that there are those in this world who wish to do us harm.  It is more than remembering the dates and times of the takes.  We need to have a commitment to what it means to be an American. We need a commitment that we are one nation, under God, showing compassion, inspiration, and hope that we are one country.  I believe that our individual actions make an impact and we have a civic duty to help each other.  We need to teach our children, and honor those who were lost, by working as one to better this country.” 

Prosper has a piece of a World Trade Tower that they use as a mobile memorial.  Fire Chief Stuart Blasingame spoke about this piece of steel and the meaning behind it. 

A 9/11 ceremony ceremony was a combined effort between Prosper ISD and the Prosper first responders.

“Prosper Fire Rescue is extremely blessed to have been awarded a sacred piece of the World Trade Centers steel beams that you see on the trailer behind me," he said. "After three years of applications and paperwork we were allowed to retrieve the 7000 pound piece of steel from the New York Port Authority.  We have been told it is the only mobile memorial in the United States.  This piece travels the area, and we take it to special events, including the Stair Climbs.  During the events, first responders climb 110 stories to honor the first responders who lost their lives.  Before the climb, every climber lines up and touches this piece of steel.  After realizing that we have the only mobile memorial, we felt it was selfish to mount this piece.  We have designed the new fire station to have a place to honor the piece and allow for visitors while still using the trailer and taking it to events when that is appropriate.”   

Sky Moreno attended the event. 

“I think it is important that we never forget the events of twenty years ago,” Moreno said.  “I served in the Marine Corp and I have a lot of friends that have died serving this country since.  If we do not remember, it is likely to happen again.  The Town of Prosper is very close and there are a lot of patriotic residents here.  I think ceremonies like this show that even though the town is growing, we still come together.  That is so important and part of what makes Prosper special.”   

“We attended the event because my dad is a firefighter here and it is important to remember the attack,” 10-year-old Aiden said.  “It is important to remember firefighters and police officers have dedicated their lives to us.  Most of the time they are safe, but their job can be dangerous.  I think kids need to learn more about 9/11 because this is part of our country’s history.”   

A 9/11 ceremony ceremony was a combined effort between Prosper ISD and the Prosper first responders.

Jarred and Daniella Gomez attended the event with their two small children. 

“I moved to the country September 23, 2001,” Daniella Gomez said.  “I know it is a privilege to be an American. Every year, I come out to this event to pay respect to those who sacrificed their lives.  I am a nurse and I work with first responders, so I want to especially pay respect to those responders who went into the buildings.  We will never forget and it is our job to bring our children and teach them.”

“We want to thank the Town of Prosper,” Gomez said.  “We are new residents and we are so grateful to live in a Town that puts on such an amazing event.  It makes me want to become more active in our community.”