Council talks gates of Prosper signage

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
This budget is available on the town website and is scheduled to be approved Sept. 14.

Town Council Meets to Discuss Final Budget Proposal, Gates of Prosper Signage 

Aubrey Turner 

Prosper Town Council met Aug. 24 for the second bimonthly meeting.  All council members were present, either in person or via Zoom. 

Council Member Cotten read the announcements of events, including the 9/11 Memorial Presentation as well as Prosper Fire Department receiving an award from the American Heart Association for improving heart attack care. 

Additionally, the Town Council thanked the Prosper ISD for the resolution to keep Hwy 380 expansion on the current highway area.

Resident Doug Charles made a public comment regarding the budget. 

“I ask that the council review the revenue for the last four months when considering the new budget," he said. "I believe that we have the opportunity to offer tax rebates as we have an over-reserve.  We either need to find a purpose for the spending or give that excess back to the taxpayers.” 

A sign waiver for Children’s Health was proposed by Alex Glushko, staff liaison to the Zoning and Planning Committee, to allow for two multi-tenant property signs.  Per the current ordinance requires that  signs are located on the same lot in which they are located. 

In this case, the business requests that the signs be placed on an adjacent lot, slightly closer to the property line than required .  The proposed signs meet the materials and aesthetic requirements for Prosper.

Matt Wilson, of Chandler Signs, said “we feel like the sign sizes and locations are appropriate for the magnitude of the property development.”   

Council member Ray Marcus expressed concern about the sign along Highway 380 concerning the flow of traffic. 

Wilson explained because there is a water line in that location, agreement with the City of Irving was required for approval of this location.  “

We must both meet the easement requirements for the City of Irving for the water line as well as the Prosper requirements for signs placed near the property line,” Wilson said.  “We are asking for the sign to be closer to the property line to allow for increased visibility and to fit within the master plan.” 

This proposition was approved by the board. 

The board also discussed the sign waiver for Gates of Prosper.  The location is the southwest corner of Preston Road and Richland Boulevard. 

“The current sign code does not acknowledge large entry signs for commercial developments,” Glushko said.  “In 2018 the town council approved a sign for Phase One, in 2020 it was approved for Phase Two.  Since there are signs on the east and northwest corners, we are requesting a sign for the southwest corner.” 

The developer commented that the signs do not look alike throughout the retail and restaurant space. 

“We want to make sure that people out on the patio can see out into the community as well as passerby see the different businesses," Wilson said. "As the development continues to evolve there are different needs for the signs.  But this sign is stone, as well as the others, and stone shows wear as it ages.  The colors of the signs will match as it sits.” 

The signs were approved by the council. 

Finally, a request for rezoning was proposed to the council.  This area is along Coit and 380 Hwy. 

“Currently this area is zoned for townhomes,” Glushko said.  “Essentially, this request would reduce the number of  townhomes permitted to be built in this area, as well as requiring ally-access townhomes.  We received a number of letters from residents, all but one were in favor of this request.”

Builder Zach Schneider, of Tradition Homes, spoke about the townhome community.  “We are a high end production home builder that builds distinctive homes.  We are big believers in the Town of Prosper.  We are wanting to build a quality designed community.”  The town council approved the zoning request.

The council reviewed the proposed budget for 2021-2022.  This budget is available on the town website and is scheduled to be approved Sept. 14. 

Council member Cotten discussed the savings amount of the budget and stated that he would like to see that money given as a rebate to residents.