Town Council meeting approves town home property in downtown

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
Public meetings are held monthly at Prosper Town Hall. In June, the Town Council discussed a fire station and more.

Council also reviews Central Fire Station

Prosper Town Council met for the first June meeting on Tuesday, June 8th. Council member Charles Cotten made town announcements.

The Prosper Town Library will continue the summer reading program. Fishtrap Road will be reduced to one lane for resurfacing. The Prosper Parks and Recreation continues to offer a variety of classes for children, adults, and seniors, and information is available on the website.

A multifamily housing unit near downtown Prosper, off of 5th Street was discussed. These townhome-style units would be near the DART site. The Zoning and Planning Committee suggested that this property be changed from Commercial to Multi-family Residential. This would be adjacent to another multi-family project, both of which are owned by the same company. The development plan includes the layout of the development. Thirty units would be within seven buildings for an urban-living type feel. The units will have three stories each, with a mix of three bedrooms and two bedrooms, with two bathrooms. The benefit of this type of residential zoning allows for more people to live within the downtown area of Prosper.

Council reviewed the proposal with the developer. Planning and Zoning Committee had been concerned that the units would be lease-only, and suggested that the town homes be available for purchase. The representative for the developer stated that with one development and management, there will be unity among the maintenance of the yards. The rent for the units will be between $2400-$2700 a month. There will be shared amenities throughout the development, including a pet station that will allow for a vet to visit the property, have groomers on staff, etc. The development proposal passed, and the developer will begin construction as soon as possible. “I am excited to see them get started,” Council Member Cotten said. “I want to get more people into this downtown area and get more businesses down here.”

The council also reviewed the plan for the future Central Fire Station and Fire Administration building. The plan is complete, including the entire floor plan and the external plan. The overall footprint, which allows for some room for Police Officer training space on the location. The building will look similar to the Police building next door. The construction budget is approximately $14.5 million.

Parking, storage, and a continuation of materials to look similar to the Police building were priorities for the architects. The building will have four bays for trucks, as well as a dedicated space for the 9-11 memorial trailer. The station will sleep thirteen crew and officers. The training room can hold about 45 people. The administrative offices and storage will be on the second floor of the building. There is also a large room for an emergency operations space. A fitness center, outdoor grill, and dining area will also be provided at the facility.

The architecture company will come back in August to give more information on prices of construction. Because the construction prices vary right now, the team will check in with the council often. “We are working together to make sure that this station is a functional and beautiful fire station,” Chief Stuart Blasingame said. “We want it to last for a long time to serve our Town of Prosper.”

City Manager Harlan Jefferson suggested that a budget conversation and work session be part of the next meeting agenda. This will be a discussion about what priorities the council has for the next budget. A park area on First and Coit is being developed. This area is over sixty areas. Because the park is not completed yet, the staff is proposing that this park be developed for recreation: overnight camping for children (i.e. Scouts,) disc golf, practice fields, or trails. A group that assists with off-road biking trails assessed the area, and suggested that this would be a low cost use, low cost use for this area. The trail will be about a mile and a half. Staff will put together a plan for this area and it will be placed on a future agenda.

The town council meets twice monthly on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.