Library summer reading program takes readers “Around the World”

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
The library has lists of books and resources that help children find books in their interest.

The Prosper Community Library will be hosting a summer reading program for children and teens.  The theme for this summer is “7 Continent Exploration.”  This program, which encourages children to read during the summer, offers a “passport” and prizes for children as they complete reading logs.  Additionally, the library offers a variety of in-person activities throughout each week, with a focus on one continent each week throughout June and July. 

The Director of Library Services Leslie Scott said “we are launching our annual summer programming. We know that this summer a lot of people are still staying close to home, so we decided to offer a program that allows children and their families to explore the world.  We will be offering information about each of the seven continents throughout the summer.”  

“This summer children will get a passport and, for every twenty minutes they read, they will fill out a block in the passport,” Scott said.  “Once they have completed the log, they will come in and get a big stamp in their passport like they would if they were traveling.  Every time they get a stamp they get a ticket for a drawing.   The ultimate prize is an interactive globe.  Really, though, if you are reading you are winning.” 

Scott emphasies that the types of books read does not matter for this program.  “We do not care what you are reading.  Reading for pleasure, reading a summer reading list, a series, billboards on a trip, cereal boxes, fiction or nonfiction books.  That does not matter at all.  We just want children to be reading over the summer.”  

“All reading counts in this program,”  Scott said.  “For children, whether or not they are able to read, if they are being read to by a babysitter, guardian, grandparent, older sibling, that does not matter.  Also children can use an audiobook.  That still counts, and the children are able to count that as reading on their logs.”  

The library has lists of books and resources that help children find books in their interest.  “Also, children like to shelf shop,” Scott said.  “If we can get them to the location of the type of book they like, be it younger readers with picture books or older children with graphic novels, they will find a book that they enjoy in that area.  We will offer suggestions but we also want the children to explore the library as well.” 

The library staff offer programs throughout the week.  On Mondays and Tuesdays there is a drop in learning opportunities.  These “Continent Connections” are hosted in the library from 10:30-1:30.  Wiggles Wednesday Story time is at 5:00 pm and is targeted for children ages toddler to 6 years old and their families.  Additionally on Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30-1:30 there is a craft offered, with each craft focused on the continent of the week.  Thursday at 3 pm is a movie showing, with popcorn included. There is more information regarding these programs on the Prosper Community Library website and at the library desk.  

“These events are intentionally come and go and are cautious of social distancing to meet CDC guidelines,” Scott said.  “We are tiptoeing back into our programming.  We are going from passive programming into small groups.  We are still being mindful and cautious as we return to our programming.”  

Children from third grade to sixth grade are invited to participate in the Texas Award Winners Book Club on Tuesdays.  This program gives children an opportunity to discuss a variety of books. 

Teens and tweens have an opportunity for learning and socializing as well.  The Amazing Race, Library Edition is hosted on Saturday, June 5th at 11 am.  The PCL Paint Party is Saturday, June 10th at 11 am.  Reservations are required for each event, and can be made by calling the library at 972-569-1185.  

“Twice this summer we will also offer an opportunity for adults to take a craft,” Scott said.  “We heard the parents say that they would like a craft for them as well.  We listened and made sure that we wanted to help them have fun too, so we set this up.”  

The library is located at 200 S. Main Street in Prosper and is open Monday through Thursday from 9:30-6,:00 pm and on Saturday from 9:00 - 3:00 pm.  The summer reading program is offered from June 1st to August 5th.  Packets of information are available at the library.