Election Results Finalized: Anders, Cotton, Beavers, and Wilborn ready for work

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
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Residents of the Town of Prosper voted in the town council and school board elections on Saturday, May 1st.  Approximately 2000 residents voted for the town council positions and approximately 4,500 residents within Prosper ISD voted for school board members.  

Craig Andres

Craig Anders ran unopposed for the Town Council, Place 1.  “What a privilege to serve again,” Anders said.  “I am thankful to God, to my family, especially my wife for putting up with me.  I am thankful for my kids. And I am thankful for the Town.  It is such a privilege to serve these residents of Prosper.” 

“I have a few tasks I am focused on,” Anders said. “I want to focus on those bonds that we passed, and conservatively spending that money.  We need to plan out the Dallas North Tollway corridor.  The broadband focus needs to stay in the forefront of our minds on the council.  Because Covid has changed the paradigm of how people work, so we need to be sure we have a fast and stable internet service.  In order to bring in new corporations, we need to prioritize broadband service.  Prosper has done a great job focusing on quality development, and this needs to continue.  I am focused on safety and security.  We have already opened the new Police station, and now we are focused on the Fire Station.  When we have a quality station, it is a reflection on how we value our First Responders and Police, and I am looking forward to having that with the Central Fire Station as well.  Finally, the people in Prosper want to have a downtown Prosper area that ties the whole town together.”

Charles Cotten

Charles Cotten won the Town Council, Place 6 election with 80% of the votes.  “Thank you to everyone who voted,” Cotten said.  “I am humbled and honored that I was selected and I will do my best to represent all the residents.  I have already started by meeting with the staff and getting up to speed on various issues.  I am looking forward to getting into seeing that budget a bit more and spending time really studying that.  I always want to increase the transparency with where the money goes, so that is a main focus for me.”

“I agree with other town council members that we could do more activities at Downtown Prosper,” Cotten said.  “We need to create a reason for people to come to that area, but it is such a good location for people to gather and join together as a community.   We need to focus on regular programming to build that area up.  I am excited to see what the next three years bring in that area of town.”

Bill Beavers

Bill Beavers was reelected for the School Board Seat 4 with 44% of the vote.  “My goal is when people think of public education in the area, state, and the nation, they think of Prosper ISD,” Beavers said. “I appreciate everyone who came out to vote, but now it is back to work.  This is such a busy time of year and it is time to get to all of these ceremonies and banquets, so I am focused on the work at hand.  We have new schools opening up next year, plus breaking ground on the third high school, so there is so much to do.  With so many people moving here for our schools, all these new schools open up every year.  It is an exciting time to be part of Prosper ISD.” 

Drew Wilborn

Drew Wilborn was elected for School Board Seat 9 with 63% of the vote.  “Thank you to everyone who voted,” Wilborn said.  “I am overwhelmed by the amazing support that our community has entrusted to me and I look forward to the next 36 months.  I will do my absolute best serving this school district.”

“I am looking forward to facilitating communication with parents and school board members,” Wilborn said.  “I want to be sure that this communication is casual and is in line with the school board’s vision.  All we can do to ensure that parents are able to participate fully in their child’s education benefits all the children in Prosper ISD.  I am really excited to dive into that project.”