Town Council meeting reviews rezone requirements near Frontier Parkway

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
Prosper held its most recent Town Council meeting on April 27.

The Prosper Town Council met on April 27th for the second regular meeting in April.  During the announcements, Councilmember Amy Bartley reviewed items including the following: BNSF Railroad will replace the concrete for the crossing on Frontier Parkway with details to be announced on the Facebook page, Prosper Prayer Chaplains will present a prayer event on May 6 at Town Hall, and May 8th is the Hot Dogs and Hot Rods food drive and music event. 

Mayor Pro-Tem Jason Dixon was recognized at the meeting as he served at his last meeting as Town Council Member.  “Thank you for allowing me to serve with you,” Dixon said.  “It has been a pleasure working with you all.” 

The Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting presented an agenda item regarding an area of land along Frontier Parkway, east of Dallas Parkway.  The developer and residents from Lakes of Prosper North discussed the change during the meeting, including details such as business types and height of buildings allowed near the neighborhood.  Matt Moore, of Claymore Engineering, said, “There has been a lot of dialogue back and forth between myself and the HOA at the Lakes of Prosper North.  We have met with them on a couple of occasions, heard their concerns, and have come to some conclusions.  The only main discussion now is the issue of one story building rather than two story buildings, as well as the buffer between the homeowners and residents.  We have a very constructive dialogue and I appreciate that they have been willing to sit down and talk about the issues.  It has been refreshing, candidly.”   

Three residents of Lakes of Prosper North spoke at the meeting.  “I agree that we are trying to get the best outcome if this should be rezoned,” one resident said.  “None of us want it to be rezoned, obviously.  All that have been participating in these meetings bought our houses thinking this land would be residential like our neighborhood.  But if it is going to be zoned for office buildings, we would like these buildings to appear similar to houses. I appreciate the time the committee has spent discussing this, as well as speaking with Mr. Moore.  I still believe the town would be better served keeping this as a residential area, especially since this is so near the premier park in Prosper,” the resident said. 

“I am good with the zoning,” Council Member Bartley said.  “It makes sense to me, considering where it is.  We just need to make sure we include the items in the Development Agreement: restricting the types of businesses, capping off the road, et. cetera.  I want to be sure that, if this portion of land is sold, it is clear that we have already cleared all of this up.”  

Ultimately, a motion was approved that this land use is not zoned for non-residential uses with the following details: the location is Plan Development 69 on approximately 74 acres, no cross-access into Lakes of Prosper, all businesses must be family friendly to be included in the agreement, fences must be built, and one story structures built closest to the houses in the neighborhood.  

The Town Council approved a resolution that strongly opposed the proposed alignment of Frontier Parkway from Preston Road going east to Custer Road.  This is a project that will widen the road along the roadway, developed by TxDOT.  The current proposition from TxDOT does not include the suggestions made by the Town of Prosper staff in 2019 and 2020.  This Resolution requests that TxDOT reevaluate the proposed plan of FM 1461 (Frontier Parkway) and request that no other action occur until TxDOT is able to provide feedback to the Town.  

The Town Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 5:45 at 250 W. First Street in Prosper.  Meetings are also available virtually.