Kristin Meier, Candidate for PISD Place 7, encourages community participation

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
Kristin Meier

Kristin Meier is running for Prosper ISD School Board, Place 7.  She has been involved with the PTO in both the elementary and middle school levels for four years, since moving to Prosper from Kansas City, Missouri.  Meier and family moved to Prosper for the quality school district and she has children attending Prosper schools. 

“Running for school board feels like the next step in being involved in the ISD,”  Meier said.  “I want to give back to the community.  I have been serving on the PTO and have been on a few committees for the school district.”

Meier enjoys working with others as a team.  “The benefit of being on the seven members of the board is working on a team together.  I feel that Dr. Holly Ferguson is the right person for the job, and I look forward to working with her and supporting her as she continues to lead the district.” 

One focus for all districts in parent involvement.  “I think we need to be sure to reach out to parents at all levels,” Meier said.  “We are used to having the teas or meetings for the parents of preschool children, but we need to communicate with all families, even the parents of the older children.  We need to make sure the community is more aware of the events the district offers to reach out to these families.  We need to help parents navigate the process of transitioning from preschool to elementary school, and then just keeping in contact with them throughout their child’s education.” 

“Fiscally, I think the board has a responsibility to remember that the money is not ours,” Meier said.  “We approve the budget, and we know that the state has some rules for us when it comes to that.  But I know from my time in the PTO that we need to get creative sometimes and make sure that all the students have what they need.  Fiscal responsibility is key and we need to stay within our budget.”

Meier enjoys giving time to others.  “As my children get older I know that I do not want to go back to a nine to five job,”  Meier said.  “I am happiest volunteering at the school, helping others.  I have a servant’s heart and want to spend my time improving the lives of others.”  

Meier is active in the community of Prosper.  “I find it important for school board members to be involved in the schools,” Meier said.  “I know that the board members have jobs and are not able to attend the events that happen during the day.  That is where they need to be, and I understand that.  But I will make every effort to be present and be active in the side of town in which I live,”  Meier said. 

“I am dedicated to Prosper, and to the ISD,” Meier said.  “I am dedicated to the children here in Prosper.  I am willing to sit and listen, and to find the answers for parents.  I want to be approachable for people.  My facebook page will stay up, and I will have a dedicated email address.  I want to be at as many events as possible for people to see me so they know I am there, ready to serve them.”