Drew Wilborn, throws hat in race for PISD, Place 7

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
Drew Wilborn

Drew Wilborn is running for School Board, Place 7.  He and his family have lived in Prosper ISD since June 2017.  The family moved to Prosper for the Special Education Services in Prosper ISD.  Wilborn and his wife decided on Prosper ISD because of the quality of the school district and the small town feel of the Town of Prosper. 

“I am running because I value education for all students,” Drew Wilborn said.  “I fell in love with PISD.  We all proudly support this district.  We see the sincere efforts the district desires to make here, to help all the children.” 

“There are three main goals of a school board,” Wilborn said.  “Budget, policy, and hiring and firing the superintendent.  I have experience with all of these.  I have served as the CEO and pastor of a church of over 6000 people.  I have experience with the budget and making those difficult decisions.  I also serve on two boards that address the needs of people with disabilities, and through those, I have experience monitoring the level of excellence for the President of the Board.  I have the experience and I am ready to serve.” 

Wilborn believes that the role of the school board members is to advocate for students and teachers.  “I want to be the reason that people feel seen, heard, and valued,” Wilborn said.  “I want people to feel like there is some consistency in the board.  I want to step right in, and continue to move our district in the right direction.” 

“There are so many families moving to this area because of this district,” Wilborn.  “Whatever drew people here to Prosper is what will keep people here.  We need to continue to be an excellent district.”

Budget is important to Wilborn, both personally and professionally.  “We live within a budget,” Wilborn said.  “Once the budget is in place, we need to be responsible with the spending.  We need to live within our means, and to take into account what the students, teachers, and community need, and fit that within the budget.”

Technology improvements are necessary within the district.  “We need to meet the new parents where they are,” Wilborn said.  “We could improve the app for the district.  We could use more social media to connect with parents.  We need to stay on the front end of communication.  It is the way of the world right now.  We need to use those social media platforms as much as we can.”

Wilborn has a child with a disability that attends school in the district, and special education is important to the family.  “I get such great joy seeing children prosper and do well, especially those students in that special education class,” Wilborn said.  “I know these children work so hard to achieve their goals.  Honoring that work that they have done and celebrating with them is what brings me joy.”

“If elected, I would be the only member of the school board with a child with a disability,” Wilborn said.  “As our community grows in numbers, the population of children who qualify for special education services will increase as well.  This is not my only focus, but I always bring that light to conversations because that is part of our family life.  I think representing those children is important.”