Chris Wardlaw campaigns for Place 6, Town Council Seat

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
Christopher Wardlaw

Chris Wardlaw has lived in Prosper for five years. Wardlaw works in market research in the Dallas area, in private firms and international companies.  Wardlaw said that he is able to use this work experience to listen to the community and then make recommendations.  Wardlaw and his family chose to move to Prosper because of the school district and the community-focused atmosphere of the Town.

“I am from Mississippi,” Wardlaw said.  “The small town feel is in my DNA.  I wanted to be in a community where neighbors care about each other.  I want to know my neighbors.  I want to have my family have that same small town experience I had when I grew up.” 

Wardlaw has always been interested in politics, especially in local politics.  “When I became aware that this was an open seat, my friend encouraged me to run,” Wardlaw said.  “I reflected on how I was raised.  My grandpa always taught that we need to be people who participate in what is going on in the community.  I decided to get involved.”  

“I think we need to be mindful of the businesses that are coming into our community,” Wardlaw said.  “We need to incentivize some smaller, more niche stores in Prosper.  We want a destination feel here, and we need to focus on that.  We are so close to other municipalities and so those big box stores are available in any direction.  We need to foster smaller retail shops so that they are successful.”  

Transparency is key in Wardlaw’s opinion.  “We need to talk to taxpayers and get the feedback,” Wardlaw said.  “I want citizens to get involved in the town council meetings.  I want the people of Prosper to know what is going on in our town.  Our citizens are important and we need that input.  I want people to feel like they have a voice.  We are all part of a community.  We all need to participate in the way that works best for us.  The town council represents the community and the members of the council need to be mindful of this.  If elected, I would like to use my skills in marketing and feedback.  I want to host feedback sessions and better know the concerns and priorities of the citizens.”  

“I want to be a more inclusive Town,” Wardlaw said.  “We will not always think the same, or all even get along all of the time, but we need to honor each other.  The entire community is stronger if we embrace the diversity of Prosper.  As part of town council, I would love to see an International Festival, or something like that, some way to celebrate our diversity.  If we expose people mindfully to other beliefs, we are going to have a more solid, cohesive community.  We are all human, we all want the same basic things for ourselves and our families.  If we bring people together in an event like this we can realize that we all have the same goals, and it will make our community better.”  

Wardlaw encourages citizens to vote.  “I know these off year elections do not have as many people voting, but these elections are important too,” Wardlaw said.  “I really want people to participate in Prosper and make sure their voice is heard.” 

In his free time, Wardlaw enjoys working in the yard and cooking for others.  “I find my joy feeding others.  I was raised in a small community.  We gather around the table, feed everyone, and make sure that everyone is cared for.”