Bill Beavers in the race to continue in Prosper school board Place 4

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
Bill Beavers

Bill Beavers is currently on the Prosper ISD School Board in Place 4. A resident in Prosper for nine years, and a parent of students in the district, Beavers has worked as part of the board since 2018.  

“I have always wanted to be part of this group of people who hold on to the Standard of Excellence in Prosper,” Beavers said.  “I value being part of the community, this is the best place to live.  We are absolutely on the right track in Prosper ISD.  I want to continue to support our kids and our teachers in the district.”  

“I made the decision to run because family is my focus.  We are busy and involved in our community.  My wife and I sometimes laugh because it feels like we are always driving them to practices.  I am a coach for football and baseball, so I can meet other parents invested in the community as well.  We are very involved in church together as well.   We are an active family that enjoys being part of Prosper.  I feel like being on the school board is an extension of that.”

Beavers has five children, four of which are old enough to be enrolled in the school district.  “I will have a child in the district until 2036. I am invested in the future of the district.  I think the school board is doing a great job at both focusing on what the students need now and what they will need in the future.”

“I have the benefit of being on the board when we opened Rock Hill high school,” Beavers said.  “That opening was very successful, but we know that there are a few things that can be tweaked for the next time.  We are already planning on high school number three, and I bring that experience with me.”

“Our tax dollars are important to us on the board, along with the rest of the factors involved in running a district,” Beavers said.  “We are seeing Prosper grow, because of the quality of the education here.  We are mindful, and we strive to be good stewards of the money that people pay for the district.”

As the district continues to grow, communication is a focus for the district.  “I believe that the school district is doing a great job communicating with the parents.  We have kindergarten round up and events like that, events that introduce parents and children to the teachers and staff.  We need to reach the parents with social media.  Luckily, we know that people are moving here for the schools, so we know they are checking the website to get the information.  We have such invested parents.” 

Beaver jokes “people are not moving to Prosper for the roads, they are moving for the schools.  We laugh about it, but it is true. I have worked with the Town Council in Prosper and have a good relationship with them.  We need to continue to do a good job working with Prosper and the surrounding towns to continue to make sure the infrastructure is there so people can get to the schools safely.”

“My plan for Prosper ISD is when people think about public education in the area, or even in the state and the nation, they think about Prosper ISD,” Beavers said.  I think we have a great blueprint for the district.  There are small improvements we can make in the district.  There is a plan that Prosper ISD wants our seniors to graduate with thirty hours of college credit.  Career Technology Education is amazing as well, for example watching those students manage and assist at the football games.  This district is focused on excellence but will continue to make small changes to improve the lives of students and to support the teachers.  The district continues to get better.”