Town Council approves honor wall design, examines 2020 budget audit

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
The March 23 meeting of the Prosper Town Council began with an update on the mayor's fitness challenge.

The Prosper Town Council met on March 23 for a regular meeting.  After the Pledge of Allegiance, state pledge, and invocation was said, Councilwoman Amy Bartley gave announcements.

The mayor’s fitness challenge continues, registration for summer camp at the recreation centers begins in April, and the mayor will host a zoom conversation with senior citizens April 14.

The Prosper staff proposed two walls built near Town Hall.  One wall would have the emblem for the police and fire departments, and the other wall would have the emblems honoring each branch of the military.  The council viewed renderings of possible locations and vegetation around the walls.  This display would allow for ceremonies or moments of remembrances for the residents.  The suggested design fits with the aesthetic with the current town hall signage.  The council approved the plan.

Pattillo Hill and Brown, an accounting and  financial auditing company, gave a presentation of an audit of the budget that ended in September 2020.  The representative explained that it is important to conduct independent audits because they give assurances to organizations that give grants for projects in Prosper.  The ability to acquire grant monies, county or federal funds allows Prosper to provide more services to residents.  The audit determined that Prosper Town staff was able to follow all of the rules set by all organizations.

The assets of Prosper was $170 million, mostly because of structure and roadway obligations that the town has taken on, and has received outside monies to fund the projects.  There were increased expenditures from $25 million funds to $30 million in the general fund, based on more expenditures and some more hiring for Prosper town staff.  The town collected more money than was budgeted, and spent less than was budgeted, which shows good financial standing.  The council approved the report from the audit report.

The finance committee requested that some changes be made to the budget.  There was an adjustment to the predicted commercial income for the town.

“This was cut last year due to Covid concerns,” Executive Director of Community Services Robyn Battle said.  “I took on the communications role, as well as supervising many roles.  I feel like we need a manager level position for communication in house.  While we will terminate the contract with the communications company, we will ask the owner Celsio Martinez, from Municipal Voice, to fill this position.”  The overall impact of the new position, along with increased projected budget, results in an overall gain in the general fund.

Prosper Town Council meets twice monthly on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. The next meeting is on April 13 at 5:45 p.m.  Council meets at Council Chambers Prosper Town Hall 250 W. First Street and is available on Zoom.