Chianna Rodgers sets eyes on Prosper ISD Place 4

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
Chianna Rodgers

Chianna Rodgers is a candidate for Place 4 of the Prosper ISD School Board.  A mother of three students in the district, Rodgers has been a part of PTO, Booster Clubs, etc as her children have gone through school.  Rodgers stated that she believes that parents should participate in their children’s education. 

“I am a merry mother of three,” Rodgers said.  “I have children in elementary, middle school, and high school.  I am also a financial advisor.  I have been a stay at home mom in the past and, now obviously, I am a working mother.  I feel like that helps me be prepared to be on the school board because I know we all have different backgrounds and I have done both.  Also, because my kids are in different grade levels, I feel like I know that schools and education are always changing.  The experience my youngest has in elementary school is not like what my oldest had when she started school.” 

Rodgers’ spirituality is a key part of who she is and how she relates to people.  “I am a Christian,” Rodgers said.  “Some people may see me as more liberal but my religion has me leaning more conservative in a lot of ways.  I really am friends with people all over the political spectrum. I just work to see people where they are, and who they are, and I think it is good to value people’s opinions.  I really feel like we need to focus on people’s character.”

“I am a board member of Cancer Cares,” Rodgers said.  “I have board experience there, and I was part of the Celina Library Board.I am on the PTO and a part of a few Booster Clubs.  I decided to run because our school district is becoming more diverse, but nobody on the board looks like me.  We need the board to look like all the people of Prosper.”

“I want to be part of the growth here in Prosper,” Rodgers said.  “We moved to PRosper specifically for the schools.  All the growth and change is exciting for the future, and I want to be part of that.  Even more important, I feel like people on the board should have children in the district.  I know some of them have had children in the district, but so much has changed.  I think we need to elect people who have children in the district now.” 

“My family is the most important to me,”  Rodgers said.  “Being a good wife and mother is what drives me.  I asked my children before running because I know that I will be away from them a bit if I win. But I want to model how to be a stand up, involved citizen.  I want to show them how to run a clean campaign and how to work with others.”

Rodgers has two main goals if she is elected to the Board.  “I would like for the board members to be more accessible,” Rodgers said.  “I think that the board members need to be in the community.  I know that Dr. Ferguson has an online coffee event.  I think the board members need to do this as well.  The benefit of electing people who have children in the school, the board members will already be in the community at these events.”  

“My second goal is to provide financial insight and experience for the school budget,” Rodgers said. “I know that people continue to pay taxes, well after their children graduate.  As a financial advisor, it is my job to look closely at financial documents.  This district is so robust and growing so fast, and I have the ability to immediately read these documents.” 

“I feel like I am able to think out of the box and I have some ideas for the district,” Rodgers said.  “I would like to implement some anonymous surveys for teachers and parents, so we can get a better idea of what they are needing.  Not everyone feels comfortable speaking up and saying what they need.  Additionally, at the different levels and schools, all these needs are going to be different.  So I do not think we can just have one plan for all teachers or all parents.”