3-part plan to help with internet access

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
A new AT&T tower was installed at Frontier Park in Prosper

Reliable, steady internet has been an increasingly necessary service in many people’s homes.  As people continue to move from work and school, back to home, reliable internet service is required most people to be able to work and learn.  While citizens may return to offices and schools, the need for internet services will continue into the future.  Now that corporations and civic groups have learned to host meetings online, it is possible we will continue to have that meeting option.  Similarly with students - now that the classroom work is available online, students may continue to use the internet in the evenings for homework and other activities. 

The population of the town of Prosper is growing quickly, and the internet services may be lagging in some areas.  Therefore, the town has established a three part plan to ensure that residents have access to the internet they need. 

Residents are also able to use the internet provided in the east parking lot of Town Hall.  This wi-fi access will be available 24 hours a day.  

Additionally, the town of Prosper is providing help desk support for internet and related issues.  This help-desk support is provided at no charge.  The support is provided by IT experts who are well-versed in assisting people with problems with technology.  Residents who need IT support may call the helpline number at 972-569-1152 or send an email to broadband@prospertx.gov.  This support is available during business hours and does not include house visits. 

The final option for internet support is available at the Prosper Community Library.  Residents are able to check out a mobile hotspot device for two weeks at a time.  This allows residents to use the hotspot in their homes.  Residents must be in good standing with the library to check out the hotspots.  Internet access in the home is not necessary, but residents must provide computers or other devices that connect to the internet through wi-fi.  Devices check out can not be renewed and is available once a month.  More details are available at the Prosper Community Library, located at 200 South Main Street, in Prosper.

“Those people who are working from their home offices, often two or more in one household, plus any students participating in online instruction all require reliable internet service,”  said Chuck Springer, Prosper’s Executive Director of Administrative Services. “If their service fails or is interrupted, the consequences can be serious. We realize that the internet is the new lifeline which is why we instituted these services.”