Town Council approves cemetery, review trash service

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
Prosper Town Council meets twice monthly, on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month.

Members of the Prosper Town Council met on Tuesday, January 26 to discuss two Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones, announcements, consent agenda items, a presentation by Community Waste Disposal, and a presentation to allow for approximately 58 acres to be used as a cemetery and necessary buildings and structures.

Greg Roemer, President of CWD, presented the yearly report for the city.  Four routes of trash collection are conducted each day, and the trash collection occurs every day Monday through Friday.  Brush collection takes place every Saturday and is available for every resident of Prosper.  

“As Prosper continues to grow, we will eventually need to move our routes around a bit,” Roemer said.  “We try to keep the same crew on the same route each day, as that is how relationships are made within the community.  We will be sure to communicate with you all before changing routes or days is necessary.”  

“The tonnage of waste is up about 20% in Prosper since the beginning of Covid,” Roemer said. “We suspect that this is because people are staying home more, and some of this may be food waste.  People are home and are not eating at restaurants.  We have been able to keep up with this increase.”  

The CWD company is implementing digital cameras on their trucks. This will allow the customer service representatives to be able to track the trucks, and to know when the trucks will arrive in each neighborhood.  This will help support customers and allow people to know more specifically when the trash pickup will occur.  These cameras are anticipated to be installed by the end of 2021.

The residents in the town of Prosper recycled 3,537 tons in 2020.  This recycling saved 60,163 trees, 1,344,820 gallons of oil, 24,773,000 gallons of water, 11,679 years of landfill space, and 14,509,900 kilowatt hours of electricity.  As a thank you gift for saving these resources, CWD created two new chairs, made from 100% recycled materials.  

The other main agenda item was reviewing the plan and approving North Dallas Cemetery.  This proposed cemetery will be run by Service Corporation International.  According to the presenters, “Service Corporation International is proud to be North America’s leading provider of funeral, cremation, and cemetery services.  Since 1962, SCI has been serving families during their most difficult, personal, and challenging times.  Today, we are the company that more than 450,000 families turn to each year for compassionate and professional care.”  

The plan presented is for a property that is approximately 58 acres, along Custer Road.  The property includes three mausoleums, a funeral home, retention pond with water feature, maintenance building, and circling drives that run through the property.  The board requested some changes, including masonry along the west side of the maintenance building and an increased berm between Custer and the funeral home building.  The proposal passed with these amendments.