Prosper ISD board meets, approves Mahard Property purchase

By Aubrey Turner
Ten members of the Prosper community voiced their concerns about the mask requirement in schools at the most recent meeting of the group.

The Prosper ISD School Board met for the regular January meeting on Monday, the 18th.  A quorum was present and the minutes of previous meetings were accepted.  A total of twenty five people were present for the meeting.  The enrollment report indicated that 19,488 students are enrolled in the district, including both in person and virtual learners.  The construction of the two new elementary schools is on schedule.

Ten members of the Prosper community voiced their concerns about the mask requirement in schools, including three students. 

“We did not remove our children from public school because we are afraid of the virus,” Robert Douglass said.  “We removed them because we do not condone the tyranny of mandated face masks.” According to the rules of the district, the members are prohibited from responding or acting on the suggestions made by the community unless the issues are also on the posted agenda.  

The board approved a staff development waiver.  This annual waiver allows the district to petition the state to 2100 minutes of additional professional development time each year.  The calendar for 2021 to 2022 is already approved, and this item allows teachers to use professional development time allocated on the calendar.

The board approved the purchase of the Mahard Property, located on First Street.  This property will be used as an administration building.  As the district continues to grow, more administration staff is necessary, and there is a need for additional office space and storage space.  The property has both office and warehouse space. The building was built in the 1980’s and the school board has been evaluating what work needs to be completed before office space is available.  The board will revisit the budget when the estimate for updates is available.  

Additionally, the board approved the purchase of new furniture for Bryant and Reeves Elementary schools.  Normally the board approves furniture and technology purchases together, but because of Covid concerns, the district already purchased the technology necessary for these schools.  

High School graduations media package contract was approved with the media company Media West..  The district is building a tradition of hosting the graduations.  This contract will include streaming services, sound, production equipment, etc. 

January is Board Appreciation Month, and the members were honored at the end of the meeting.  A video of different students and campuses was shown to thank the board members.