Town Council discusses charter school, improvement reimbursement

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
The Prosper Town Council held its Jan. 12 meeting in its chambers at Prosper Town Hall. [Kate Pezzulli / For the Prosper Press[

Prosper Town Council met at the town hall on Jan. 12 to discuss Founders Classical Academy of Prosper and other agenda items.

Gary Carroll made a comment to the council during the citizen comment portion of the meeting.  Carroll has invited the council to his property to investigate the flooding from his neighbor’s yard.  Carroll said, “I have talked to the council, the city manager, the code enforcement all know about this.  I keep being told that the city can not give citations for landscaping and care in the backyard.  I will continue to come to speak with the council until someone is able to address this subject.”  

A charter school named Founders Classical Academy of Proper, located at Custer and First Street.  The school has already been approved.  The school is building a baseball field, and there are no zoning ordinances that address light poles for charter schools.  “The school would like to build four 70 foot light poles with no light spillover at the property lines,” Alex Glushko, Prosper Planning Manager said.  “With this agreement, the charter school is willing to incorporate their building elevations within the development agreement.  The building will be primarily constructed of brick with stone accents.”  

Austin Tall with Responsive Education is the Senior Project Manager at the Construction Services Department.  “It is difficult to see the look of the building and windows on a 2D rendering like this.  I understand the town council is concerned with ensuring that the building looks polished and like it belongs in Prosper.  We are using materials from south Texas as much as we can.  We are in conversation with local businesses to get their buy in for the buildings.  We are working to match the color palette of the other buildings around the school.”

Founders Classical Academy is already under construction.  The first phase is a K-8 campus, along with a gymnasium and cafeteria.  Phase two will begin in 4-5 years, and will include a high school building.  No portables will be on the property.  The architect has included a car line to allow for drop off and dismissal without impacting traffic along the area.  

As part of the agreement, Founders Classical Academy will pay escrow toward the development of the surrounding area of First Street.  With this and the building materials chosen, the developers believe that this building will be a good fit for the area.  

The Council discussed a resolution to use the bond money that was passed in November to pay for the Capital Improvement Program projects throughout the town.  These projects include improvements to the fire stations, roadways, traffic lights and signage, as well as for parks and recreation.  Additionally the town voted to purchase another fire engine and ambulance.  The council also dedicated funds to the downtown master plan and to purchase and refurbish the silos. 

The next town council meeting is scheduled for January 26 at 5:45 pm.