AT&T tower at Frontier Park increases area internet speed

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press
A new AT&T tower was installed at Frontier Park in Prosper

In November of 2020, the AT&T company built a 115 foot tower in Frontier Park in Prosper.  This tower is designed to boost the internet capabilities for AT&T and FirstNet subscribers.  The tower, which is painted black and located along a fence, does not obstruct the view of the park and is not in a high traffic area. 

According to Kate MacKinnon of AT&T, the tower “was designed to enhance the area’s 4G LTE coverage and help give residents and first responders faster, more reliable wireless service and mobile broadband.”

The site was chosen both because of location and because of the rapid population growth in the town of Prosper.  As more people work and learn from home, reliable internet has become a priority.  

“This investment in Prosper is great news for our local citizens and businesses,” said Prosper Mayor Ray Smith. “I appreciate AT&T’s commitment to our community to ensure a vibrant, connected future for Prosper residents.”

State representatives Jared Patterson and Scott Sandford also made statements about the location and necessity of the tower.  “Strong, reliable network connections are more important than ever as students, workers and families are often together and online at home,” Patterson said.  “This investment comes at a critical time for our community and we appreciate the work AT&T has done to strengthen the network in Prosper.”

“Prosper is looking forward to being part of the future in wireless innovation,” Sandford said.  “We can’t do that without needed investment in our infrastructure so we appreciate the commitment that AT&T has shown to our community by building a communications tower at Frontier Park.”

“We want our customers to have a great experience,” said Ty Bledsoe, Assistant Vice President, AT&T. “With 4G LTE service, they’ll be able to experience better network connectivity while streaming videos, sharing on social media or texting family and friends.  We consistently work to provide better coverage for the community and its first responders. And we’re investing in our wireless network to accomplish that.”

No additional towers or modifications are scheduled to be built at this time.  The Dallas office of AT&T has added Prosper Press to all media notifications for the area, increasing the communication between AT&T and the public.