Town Council passes 5th resolution regarding 380

Future Brown
Prosper Press
The Town of Prosper and Texas Department of Transportation have announced five resolutions to help with the expansion process for US 380.

The Texas Department of Transportation has made clear that US 380 will be expanded to better accommodate the east/west traffic in Prosper and surrounding areas. 

While this expansion has been planned for some time, the process by which a highway is expanded takes time, planning, and study, and in this case, it was responsibility of the town council to pass resolutions about the planned expansion, proposing to the department the preferred route that would best benefit the town of Prosper.  

According to a news release, the town passed five resolutions regarding the expansion, starting in April 2017. 

“The resolutions are equally resolute in their solid opposition to the construction of a US 380 bypass route that bisects or divides Prosper,”  the release said.  “Each of the five resolutions, which all share common language, is aimed at conveying the Town’s strong position, making the case that Prosper must be able to define its own future, chart its own development direction, and solely determine how its land is utilized.”  

McKinney city council has also made resolutions with suggestions on the bypass, including a resolution suggesting segment B, which goes through Prosper and does not align with the plan Prosper town council has put in place.  

These resolutions and discussions about the alignment have occurred after TxDOT gave their recommended alignment and report in May 2019, and the report was officially given to the cities and towns impacted in 2020.  The next phase for TxDOT will be an environmental study, which must be completed before construction occurs.  “This study will give the state’s recommended alignment, cost, and impact, as well as provide a couple of alternative alignments,” Jefferson said.  “The state has previously stated that alignments through the middle of Prosper were not viable options.”  

“TxDot met with us in November of 2020,” Harlan Jefferson, Prosper Town Manager said.  “They shared that they proposed five different alignments for US 380.  They asked for our comments and we shared those with the department by their deadline.  Then in December the City of McKinney shared a resolution recommending a bypass through Prosper.  This is in contradiction to the resolutions that we had shared, having the alignment stay along US 380, the way that it had been planned for years.”

“We only made recommendations within our corporate limits,” Jefferson said.  “In December, the council of McKinney made their resolution that included an alignment that went through Prosper, outside of their area.  Additionally, Collin County had a meeting to discuss the alignment.  They decided to table that resolution until the end of January.”  

“Our position has been that we will provide the portion of the alignment through Prosper,” Jefferson said.  “We recognize that Prosper and the whole region is growing, so we support the alignment.  We just envision it staying on the current alignment.  We planned for it to be there, so that property is zoned for commercial use already.  The business environment is best right there along that area and maximizes the success ratio for commercial businesses.”  

“I have never heard of one city advocating for a roadway alignment to be constructed in another community,” Jefferson said.  “This is akin to Prosper Town Council voting on the tax-rate increase in the City of Duncanville.  Such action is outside our authority and it would be presumptuous of us to conclude we know what is in the best interest of that community.  Most of the time all the municipalities around Prosper work well along with Prosper.  This is definitely outside our normal experience.”