Batch plant relocations process has begun

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press

The construction of the Dallas North Tollway through Prosper has the attention of the Prosper Town Council and city planners.  This project will allow Prosper Town Council to zone for medical buildings, commercial, retail, and housing zoning along the tollway. 

The increase in this type of zoning is expected to bring jobs and revenue for Prosper. 

Currently, along this area of land along 380 and the Tollway are four batch concrete plants. 

“The expanse of real estate on both sides of the Dallas North Tollway northward from US 380 northward will help define Prosper as a community that welcomes the kind of commercial activity that municipalities long for,” Prosper’s Director of Development Services John Webb said.  “The current occupants of the area are not compatible with the Council’s vision nor the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.” 

“We do not have a large city in terms of area, and we do not have the heavy industrial area to keep them,” Webb continued.  “We would love to keep them if we could.  Some of them generate sales tax.  As a fairly small town we do not have the room to continue to have these large industrial leases.  As the town is growing in population, they are an incompatible land use.”  

The owners of the batch plants were notified two years ago that they would need to find a new location at some point. 

“We had more serious conversations with the owners earlier this year,” Webb said.  “They indicated that it does take time to find land and secure zoning and permits in another city.  They also have to get certain permits from the state after they have found the new location.  We knew it would take them some time.  We agreed with them that four years was adequate and fair time for them to be able to go through this process.  Everyone agreed on an end date of October 1, 2024.  "

The agreement includes the batch plants leaving the site ready for new development. 

“The land will be cleared of all equipment and materials as part of the agreement,” Webb said.  “There are no environmental concerns or anything because it is just concrete and gravel there.  The sites will be development ready immediately after the plants have vacated the properties.  The city already has a long range plan for higher end, high density retail developments along the corridor.  The Town of Prosper is already working on the zoning that will be approved there.  The town will continue to communicate with potential businesses so that the new facilities can be planned out quickly."  

All the batch plants entered the area between 1999 and 2001. 

“They were built on a county road, just a two lane road,” Webb said.  “The Tollway was a vision but it was a long way off.  The council gave them a 10 year zone, so all of the plants are now no longer under the correct zoning.  And the owners knew that they had that zoning for only ten years and that they would eventually be asked to move as the Tollway neared Prosper.  Under state law, we are allowed to ask them to move now because they have recuperated their investments.”  

No other businesses have been asked to move at this point, but existing businesses may opt to sell and move. 

“There is a sand and stone business that may decide to move,” Planning Manager for the Town of Prosper Alex Glushko said.  “The land values out there will get to be such that it will benefit them to sell to a high intensity user.  They can move to another location and reap the benefit of that.  We do not anticipate asking any other business to move to another location.”