Prosper ISD swears in new members, library report given

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press

Prosper Board of Trustees met Monday, November 16 for their monthly meeting.  All members of the board were present and a quorum was achieved.  It was a regular meeting, with the agenda available prior to the meeting.  This month’s focus was on library services.  Monthly subjects, such as budget, enrollment, and district-wide goals were also discussed. 

Because it was the first meeting after the election, Michelle McBride was honored for her service to the board, and Dena Dixon and Debra Smith were sworn in.  

During the meeting, residents are able to speak to the board of trustees.  Four speakers chose to present during this meeting.  Pat Cochran, Emily Cochran, and Hillary Morabito spoke about how they feel masks are damaging to children. 

“I come to request the normalization and re-adoption of pre-COVID school protocols,” Pat Cochran said.  “I reject any new normal being implemented or pushed by the school board.  We have stagnated to any movement as it relates to individual liberties and medical freedom here in Prosper ISD.” 

“I have been paying attention to how other schools in Texas have continued in 2020.  Districts have continued on like normal, without masks or social distancing and are not seeing an increase in COVID cases,” Emily Cochran said.  “In fact, some districts are thriving while letting students decide if they want to wear masks.” 

Hillary Morabito spoke about the “indoctrination of the masks.  We do not have data proving that the masks are keeping us healthy from this virus.  Instead, we have no end game for our children to have a normal life.  Instead, we have Prosper ISD choosing to stifle our children.  Because of the masks, our children are plagued with anxiety, fear, depression, and other infections.”  

Troy Brockman spoke about social media and the election. 

“We must require high standards for the board of trustees,” Brockman said.  “We expect more from the members of the board.  We expect that the members of the board will apologize to Ms. Dixon for what was being said about her on social media and behind closed doors.”  

Members of the board are not allowed to respond to any comments given by law.  They listened carefully to each comment and thanked the members of the community for voicing their concerns.  

Leah Mann presented the status report for the Prosper ISD Library Services.  Mann serves as the director of library services. 

“I am thrilled to brag about the library team,” Mann said.  “These librarians pour their heart and souls into serving these students.  Librarians in this district run programs that focus on, not only literacy, but also on TEKS and instruction.  We take very seriously that we are there to support teachers, admin teams, access to technology, and budgets.  We are not just rows of books, and we are not shushing anyone.  Innovative learning happens in these spaces.  We are learning hubs that are experience rich.  We are student and community focused.  We push students pre-K through 12 to be critical thinkers.  We teach them to be creative, to collaborate, and to communicate.  We promote digital citizenship.  We teach students to look through a critical lens and to think about what information they put into the digital world.

“Libraries are now learning hubs, common learning spaces.  Children are able to come and go as they please, and the librarians are available throughout the school day.  Students can use technology they may not have at home, such as 3d printing and laser cutters.  We also offer robots and coding, things that children are able to build more than arts and crafts.  This is such an amazing opportunity and we are grateful that the district supports the library services.”