Scouts, Prosper Parks and Rec plant trees for Arbor Day

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press

While most expect Arbor Day celebrations to occur in the spring, nothing is predictable in 2020.  The Town of Prosper Arbor Day celebration was no exception. 

On November 7, children from Girl Scout troop 8415, Cub Scout den 380, and Boy Scout troop 365 met with staff members from the Prosper Parks and Recreation to plant trees and learn about the process. 

Each year trees are planted in a different park.  This year the cedar elm trees, grown in a town nursery, were planted at Frontier Park.  The children learned about the important steps in planting a tree while covering the roots, laying mulch around the tree, and watering the tree.  

Dudley Raymond is the Director of Parks and Recreation for the Town of Prosper.  “This is a celebration of Arbor Day,” Raymond.  “We come out every year with the scouts and plant a couple of trees.  We try to foster that care for the Earth.  We want to instill in the children the importance of our trees, especially our local ecology.”

“Typically we plant a variety of local trees in a park, that way there is a variety for the community,” Raymond said.  “This also helps protect the park if there is a disease that impacts one type of tree, there are still others around in the park.  They all grow a little different, including different sizes, and have different colors in the fall, so we do that for the beauty of our parks.”  

Girl Scouts Savannah, Hannah, and Emma, six and seven year old explained the importance of trees at the park.  “It is nice to have a tree at a park so we have shade,” Savannah said.  “It was easy to plant the tree because we worked together,” Emma said.  “We do team work in Daisies,” Hannah said.  

Nikhil Srinivas  is twelve years old and is with Boy Scout troop 365.  “It is important for us to plant trees to fight against carbon emissions,” Srinivas said.  “The cars, planes, all the modern technologies that help life convenient for us also have a negative impact on the planet.  I have learned some about this in Boy Scouts, but also in school.” 

This is the second year that Gavin Puckett participated in the event. Puckett is thirteen and is in Boy Scout troop 365.  “They chose cedar elm because it is native to the area,” Puckett said.  “This tree is native to the area so it can stand up to rain, wind, and winter here in Prosper.  The Boy Scouts come out and participate in this because we are learning to support our community.   It is an hour of service, which is important as we go through Scouts.”

“The community supports Prosper Parks and Recreation,” Matthew Seely, member of the board for the department said.  “Passing the bonds definitely helped us continue these types of services. There are volunteer opportunities for our community, especially with the Christmas celebration that is coming up.  I encourage people to volunteer in the community.”  

“We have a number of events throughout the year, and each emphasizes education and nature,” Raymond said.  “We have tree tours where you can see the types of trees that grow locally.  We welcome the citizens of Prosper to come out and join us for these activities and really enjoy the public spaces that we have in town.”