Prosper says 'yes' to bonds, sale of alcohol

By Audrey Turner
For the Prosper Press

While many Americans were anxiously awaiting the results of the presidential election Nov. 3, the residents of Prosper had local ballot measures that could case a rippling effect in the town. 

Bottles of rum are seen on a shelf at Reggis Liquor. Prosper-area residents voted in favor of a couple of alcohol sales measures during the Nov. 3 election.

In total, there were seven items on the ballot that affected area residents specifically: three bonds for city improvements, two on alcohol sales, one school board candidate, and one town council candidate. 

All bond measures and the alcohol sales propositions were approved by the majority of residents.  

Dena Dixon won Place 2 for the Prosper ISD School Board Trustee, winning 53% of the vote.  “Saying “Thank you!!” does not come close to appropriately expressing my gratitude for the support I received in my journey to join the PISD Board of Trustees! I am humbled by our community and am honored to have the opportunity to serve your family and our staff! I am looking forward to getting to work for you,” Dixon wrote in a statement.  

The Town Council Seat 5 was awarded to Jeff Hodges.  Hodges received 68% of the vote.  This is Hodges’ second term in the Town Council.  “I am proud of our town and want to help point it in the right direction,” Hodges said. “I will always have the town’s interest at heart and will do all I can to help citizens get the answers to their questions. My motivation is pride. Pride in the town and the people in it and I want other residents to experience the same pride that I feel,” Hodges said.

Proposition A was a $30,000,000  tax bond measure to improve Public Safety facilities.  According to the town website, this bond measure would fund “designing, constructing, improving, and equipping the public safety facilities in the Town.”  There are three proposed projects: a Central Fire Station/administration building, adjacent to the Police Station on Safety Way, Fire Station #4 on Prosper Trail, and phase one of a Public Safety Training Facility.   This measure received a 78% approval rating.

Proposition B was another $30,000,000 tax bond for improvements to parks, trails, and recreation facilities.  This plan includes improvements to Sexton Park, Lakewood Preserve, Tanners Mill Park, Community Park, Windsong Park #3, and Neighborhood Park.  This plan also has monies allocated for various hike and bicycle trails to be built around town and for an open space near Town hall.  This measure passed with 74% of voters voting for the proposition. 

The final bond measure was Proposition C.  This street bond was for $150,000,000 for street improvements, including drainage improvements, signage, curbs and sidewalks, and landscaping.  The proposition specifically names improvements to 14 sections of roads in the Town of Prosper.  There are three excluded projects: a portion of Frontier Parkway, Dallas North Tollway Overpass at Hwy 380, and Fishtrap Road, as these sections of road improvements are available through other funding.  This proposition passed with an approval rating of 78%.  

After petitioners began collecting signatures from Prosper residents in June, people became aware of the potential for purchasing alcohol within the town limits.  Because enough valid signatures were collected before the deadline, these two propositions were included on the ballot.  Voters approved both measures, allowing for the sale of all alcohol beverages for off-premises consumption with 56% of the vote and allowing businesses with a valid liquor license to sell mixed beverages in restaurants with 80% of the vote.