Town Council discusses Dallas North Tollway

By Aubrey Turner
For the Prosper Press

During its bimonthly meeting Oct. 27, the Prosper Town Council took some time to discuss the Dallas North Tollway and plans for the future.

The Prosper Town Council talked about the future of the Dallas North Tollway inside the town limits.

The council engaged in a lengthy discussion concerning the zoning along either side of the proposed roadway in Prosper. 

“It is important to consider what sorts of businesses we will have along the corridor of the Dallas North Tollway,” Prosper Development Services Director John Webb said.  “Is there a certain character that you want to have at the major intersections?  You may not want to dominate all four sides of the intersections with small pads.  We have seen many proposals.  It sounds like we agree that there may be office building areas with retail and restaurants to support those office buildings.  I believe there is a retail market along the toll way.” 

Webb suggested that the Prosper maximize the frontage along the toll way, then use these buildings to form areas of retail that people can walk through. 

“We want this to be a destination area for people to come and shop,” Webb said.  “I think we can achieve this, and can encourage people to travel north and spend their money here.  We just need to be strategic about this plan.”   

The area of the Dallas North Tollway that will be within the town limits of Prosper is three miles long, which requires careful planning to maximize the opportunity of having the tollway in Prosper. 

Webb suggested focusing on family and social oriented retail. .

“While it may not seem like people like those things now because of COVID, people are social,”  Webb said.  “They want to gather together and spend time together.  We need to trust that things will not always be like it is right now.”  

The planning for the Dallas North Tollway will continue.  Webb and his colleagues will create a final draft, discuss this with the town council, and share the proposed draft with business owners along this area.  There will be a public hearing to share the information with the public before zoning changes are made, as is required by Texas law. 

Final construction of the Dallas North Tollway is due to be completed in 2025.  

Other agenda items were also discussed during the meeting.

The Green Ribbon Funding Proposal, which provides landscaping services for Hwy 380 is due to be completed in mid-2021.  There will be oak trees, bald cypress, magnolias, and foster holly trees planted in this area.  According to the guidelines of the Texas Department of Transportation, these must be planted when they are in season to ensure they thrive, causing the project to take longer than anticipated by the town council.  This project is funded by Prosper, McKinney, and Frisco, as all border Hwy 380.  

Council member Marcus Ray reviewed the announcements and upcoming town events.  Town employees participated in a food drive for the North Texas Food Bank and collected 2,677 pounds of peanut butter for a donation, partially with the assistance of local organizations.  There will be a Tree Tour at Whitley Place Park on November 3rd, during which local trees will be discussed.  On November 7, the Parks and Recreation Department is hosting an Arbor Day celebration at Frontier Park.  

Alex Glushko, planning manager, presented an update to the proposed plan for the town as the town has grown since 2012. 

“These amendments are a result of the changes in demographics the council could not predict in 2012,” Glushko said.  “The Planning Zoning Commission unanimously approved the plan, and included the former plan from 2012 for reference.” 

There was discussion about the Artesia area in Prosper, and Glushko made clear that this population will not cause an increase in density ratio in Prosper because that area is already filled with houses.  The council approved the amendments. 

The Prosper Town Council meets twice monthly, on the first and third Mondays, at 5:45 pm.  Information about the location and the process to speak at a meeting can be found on the town website.