Prosper musician Lady Redneck attempts to stand out in crowded industry

Lisa Ferguson. Prosper Press
Singer-songwriter Lady Redneck, who resides in Prosper, boasts a sizable social media following.

Musician Lady Redneck marches to the beat of her own drummer.

The Prosper resident, who is also known locally as Stephanie Lowry, is working to become country music’s next big singer-songwriter.

And she’s doing it her way, sans a record deal.

Lady Redneck has already experienced some success: In 2015, she recorded and released the self-penned single “Love Me Baby” on social media. It was played and appeared on the charts of independent music stations around the globe.

Meanwhile, her social media profile has expanded dramatically: Her Facebook page,, boasts over 800,000 followers. The Lady Redneck YouTube channel,, features dozens of her music videos.

Nominated in the Artist/Group of the Year category at the 2017 Josie Music Awards, which honors independent artists, Lady Redneck’s biggest hit to date is a ditty titled “Duct Tape My Broken Heart,” which landed on county music charts in the U.S.

In 2016, and again earlier this year, she performed at the House of Blues in Dallas. She had been scheduled to embark on a tour this summer and fall, but those plans were derailed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Lady Redneck’s blonde-bombshell style has been described as a cross between Dolly Parton and Marilyn Monroe.

She has released four country albums and Christmas-music album. Each was recorded at Brad Davis Recording Studio in Commerce, Texas. Davis, a Grammy Award performing producer, has toured with musicians Earl Scruggs, Marty Stuart and Billy Bob Thornton, among others.

Lady Redneck’s releases feature original songs and an eclectic mix of covers of artists ranging from Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash to Journey and Adele.

Her latest single, “Thinking Out Loud,” is a cover of a recent hit by pop star Ed Sheeran.

It dropped last month and is featured on her forthcoming album, “I’m a Lady That’s Redneck Crazy,” which will be available for download beginning Sept. 4 at her website,, as well as on Spotify.

Lady Redneck said she liked tune and decided to record it. “I thought, `I can do that in country (style) … and make it just fun.’”

Also, by covering a pop tune, “It was kind of a way to reach out to new fans and help my music get out there a little more.”

Musically, she said, “I feel like I am very traditional country. Most of my influences have been more traditional country than not, and I have more of a traditional sound than most of the pop country that’s coming out right now.”

However, “I am just trying to create something different because music is so competitive, and if you don’t have something different, you’re just another artist,” she said. “There’s a million great singers out there. … You have to do something to set yourself apart.”

Born and raised primarily on an Idaho dairy farm, she began playing piano and guitar when she was 6 years old. Her musical parents played small gigs on weekends and eventually formed a family cover band called Dusty Boots, in which she also performed. The group toured throughout the northwestern U.S. and sold nearly 40,000 CDs.

After graduating from high school, she set out on her own, playing small shows to pay for her college education. She married her husband, Jon Lowry (owner of Frisco-based Lowry Roofing), with whom she has five children. The family moved to Prosper in 2013.

“Being a mom is my first priority. Everybody knows (it is) family first, music second,” she said, adding that she has appeared at Career Day events at her children’s schools and spoken about being a singer-songwriter. “My kids are super supportive of my music.”

Lady Redneck explained that her “brand” has prompted comments from some who have said, “`You’re not a redneck. You don’t cuss, you don’t wear skimpy clothes.’ I don’t. I’m very conservative. I’m very different that way from a lot of singers.

“I have a strong belief in God and my faith and my country, and so I kind of stand out by being a lady and having morals, but also being down to earth. I love to ride four-wheelers. I love to shoot guns. I grew up riding horses.”

She said that although she has previously fielded recording contract offers from music industry bigwigs, many “want to change my style or change my song choices, but I like doing my own thing. … So, I guess I’m just trying to stand out by being who I am instead of fitting a certain mold that most of the music industry wants (artists) to be.”

As for her long-term career goals, “I want keep creating music and I want to sell out venues,” Lady Redneck said.

“I want to play in the Opry. I want to be on the (Country Music Association) awards. I have big dreams and big goals, and I know that if I don’t play the music game the way Nashville wants me to play, I may not be able to do some of that. … I want to do all of that but still stay true to who I am.”

Lady Redneck's sixth album, "I'm a Lady That's Redneck Crazy," is scheduled to be available to download beginning Sept. 4.