FACTS of Windsong raises funds by `flocking’ yards

Kate Pezzulli,
The Prosper Press
A child poses for a photo in the front yard of a home that was "flocked" with plastic flamingos, which the organization FACTS of Windsong does to raise funds for its projects. It is currently working to remove the mulch at a Prosper neighborhood playground and replace it with rubber surfacing.

Prosper’s Windsong Ranch development touts a lot of amenities, but there was one issue that some residents saw as needing more attention.

A group of women who live there noticed that the neighborhood playground had a drawback that could be placed squarely at the feet of, well, their feet.

They noticed that the mulch that was put at the playground created problems. It got in shoes, attracted fire ants and unsightly animal droppings, as well as several other issues that made it not great for children on which to play.

Realizing a need for action in the area, the women decided to form an organization called FACTS of Windsong. The acronym stands for Families and Community Together Serving Windsong.

“It got started because there’s a group of us here in the neighborhood … all women and moms with various ages of kids that wanted to just give back to the youth in the community,” FACTS of Windsong President Allyson Warren said.

She said they felt like there were projects around the community, such as the mulch at the playground, that didn’t fit into the purview of the HOA or Windsong Ranch Elementary School.

“It’s just a group of women that are creating projects about families in the community,” she said. “We’re trying to work together to really create projects that give back to the kids.”

The group formed in June and right away got started raising money for its first project at the playground.

“We’ve been quoted $77,000 to remove the mulch and put in rubber surfacing,” Warren said. “We realized that we’re going to have to do a lot of fundraising.”

After they knew how much they were going to need, the organization came up with several ways to fund-raise including selling apparel, making gifts available for purchase and through an activity it calls “flamingo flocking.”

According to the FACTS of Windsong website, residents can anonymously rent a flock of plastic flamingos for $50 and a “mother flocker” will place 50 of them, along with a sign, on the lawn of a neighbor of their choosing.

The flock will be placed at night and will remain there for 24 hours, after which they will be removed.

A neighbor who was flocked can then purchase a “What the Flock!” sign for $15 and the organization will email them with information about who flocked them.

Also available for purchase is “anti-flocking insurance” for $20, which will insure that the resident won’t be flocked again in the future.

FACTS of Windsong has also partnered with local printing and pottery-painting business Southern Ink and Clay, which donates 10 percent back to the playground project when residents use a code while ordering items.

With the fundraisers, the organization has raised approximately $3,500 in its first month, Warren said. It hopes to be closer to $5,000 after its back-to-learning fundraiser, which involves gifts that can be purchased including back-to-school items.

Warren said that the organization hopes to be able to begin working on the playground by next spring.

“That would be our target date, I think,” she said. “Looking at next spring, but hopefully by next June having the funds raised so that we can also have the project completed over the summer and it would be ready for the kids the next school year.”

The organization is looking for more people to get involved. Information is available on its website, factsofwindsong.com, and Facebook page, facebook.com/factsofwindsong.

“We’re super open to ideas,” Warren said, “and we can always use the extra help.”

The recently formed organization FACTS of Windsong is raising funds to remove and replace mulch at the neighborhood playground.