Campaign assists local businesses, organizations impacted by pandemic

Kate Pezzulli,
The Prosper Press
Volunteers at Neighbors Nourishing Neighbors prepare to distribute food earlier this year. The Prosper food pantry is one of several local nonprofit organizations that has benefited from the We Are Prosper charitable giving campaign, which was established in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The town of Prosper saw a need for action and created two programs - a charitable giving campaign and a grant program - called We Prosper Together, which are intended to help Prosper organizations and businesses get a leg up during the COVID-19 crisis.

Each program was designed to assist in the form of donations to nonprofit organizations and via grants for small businesses.

The charitable giving campaign is a push for donations for several nonprofits working in Prosper. These include Cornerstone North Central Texas, Lovepacs Prosper, Neighbors Nourishing Neighbors (NNN) and the Prosper Ladies Association (PLA) Summer Lunch Program.

Pat Jones, executive director for the local food pantry NNN, said there has been a tremendous outpouring since the campaign started in the wake of the pandemic of donations, both financially as well as in food supplies.

“The food donations are definitely appreciated,” Jones said. “Shelves are full each week.”

NNN is open and available to assist those in need at its new location, at 241 S. McKinley St. It also has curbside pickup available. Donation hours as well as items which currently are needed available on its website,

Prosper Town Manager Harlan Jefferson said last week that the We Prosper Together programs were promoted through social media, the town’s weekly newsletter and the Resident Update, as well as other resources.

“So far, our community has raised over $90,000 in support of the campaign,” Jefferson said. “We are very close to meeting our goal” of $100,000.

The other component of the campaign is a COVID-19 relief grant co-sponsored by the Town of Prosper, the Prosper Chamber of Commerce and the Prosper Economic Development Corporation.

Businesses that were severely impacted by COVID-19 and demonstrated need may be awarded up to $10,000 to be used for expenses such as mortgage payments, utilities or employee wages not covered by the state or federal governments.

The application deadline for the grant process closed June 5.

“Through the We Prosper Together small business grants, we have been able to provide over $100,000 of assistance to 22 local businesses to help see them through this crisis and keep their doors open,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson said the community has always been committed to stepping up and helping those in need.

“We recognize the vital service our local nonprofits provide to our residents, and the contribution our small businesses make to our economy,” he said. “We will evaluate the success of the programs and discuss how to enhance our efforts in the future.”

Information about the programs can be found at

The We Prosper Together campaign was established to assist local nonprofits and small businesses that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.