Prosper teen shines light through music, faith

Kate Pezzulli,
The Prosper Press
Isaiah Severance sits behind the keyboard at his Prosper home. The teen is a songwriter who posts his original, Christian-based music on his YouTube channel.

It is not a stretch to say that the world isn’t exactly perfect right now, but perhaps looking for perfection isn’t the answer.

For some, finding strength and grace within is how one changes the world for the better.

Prosper resident Isaiah Severance, 16, attempts to send a message of acceptance through the music he posts on a YouTube channel that shares his name (

He has been uploading songs on the site for the past four years.

“I hope to impact people … in a way they could feel encouragement or inspiration,” he said.

Coming from a musical family, it was a natural choice for Severance to play piano, which he started teaching himself to play around the age of 10.

Two years later, when he was only 12 years old, he started posting videos.

Most of his YouTube posts feature original songs. Only one, “Jesus You’re Beautiful,” is a cover tune.

Each upload so far has been rooted in Christianity as the teen has been influenced heavily by the musical genre and his faith.

“I mainly listen to Christian music just because that’s what I’m pulled towards. … I feel like I’m called to that,” he said. “My influence is the Lord.”

Severance also plays the box drum and the guitar, proving that he is well-rounded when it comes to talent.

He isn’t just a musical wunderkind, though: He also runs a successful business in Prosper and because of that has been able to fund his songwriting.

“For five years I have had a lawn business,” Severance said. “I bought everything from the keyboard to the speakers” with the profits he earned. He hopes to eventually own more businesses that will give him the freedom and resources to help others through music.

Using his talent to help the people around him is a prominent theme in Severance’s life.

He said he was bullied at a young age and knows how it feels to be an outcast. Instead of letting negativity get the better of him, he decided to channel those feelings into helping others.

“I feel like I’m called to something a little different,” Severance said. “I feel like I can help others.”

Many of the songs that he writes are about being yourself regardless of what people think, including a video he posted three years ago for a song called “I’m Gonna Be.”

An unreleased song, titled “Society,” is about how society tries to mold people into something they’re not.

In the song, he asks why society tells us what to do and wonders why we can’t instead be what we want.

“A lot of my songs are about identity and who we are,” Severance said. “If we’re called to something specific, then I feel like we should go upon that.”

Severance said he puts his ideas into action at school, letting other students know that it’s all right to be yourself and that you don’t have to do what society says.

He wants to help others because “we’re called to be a light in a dark world.”

Sometimes simply asking someone how their day is going and getting to know them can make all the difference, he said.

“I feel like when you get to know a person then you … realize the value and the worth that everyone has,” Severance said. “It’s all different, but it’s all the same in a way that we all have our own worths and values.”

The idea that we all have worth no matter who we are is something that is being echoed across the world. Even at a young age, Severance is a part of the resounding idea that everyone is deserving of love and acceptance just as they are.

“There’s old wounds that we have as a country,” he says. “We shouldn’t be so judgmental of everybody for their actions because we all have different struggles, different wounds.

“Just be yourself and don’t try to be someone else … because you’ll be stronger in who you are if you follow after what you’re called to be.”