Prosper Parks and Recreation reopens facilities, schedules summer programs

Lisa Ferguson
Prosper Press
The playground and splash pad at Frontier Park are shown May 31. Playgrounds at Prosper parks reopened to the public earlier this month with sanitizing measures in place and splash pads reopened June 8.

As COVID-19-related restrictions continue to ease throughout the state, the town of Prosper’s Parks and Recreation Department is gearing up for what Director Dudley Raymond suspects will be a “busy” summer at area facilities.

Although the town’s parks and hike-and-bike trails did not close during the pandemic, other recreation amenities did, including playgrounds, sports fields, the 407 Rec Center and local splash pads.

Beginning in March, the Parks and Recreation department successfully moved some of its programming online, particularly that which is geared toward active older adults.

“The staff here at the town has been very cautious about trying to make sure that we can keep the health of the residents a paramount issue,” Raymond said, explaining that a date when active-adult programming will resume in person at the 407 Rec Center has not yet been determined.

Last week, after receiving the green light from Gov. Greg Abbott, area playgrounds were reopened with sanitizing measures in place. Splash pads reopened June 8.

“Even though we’re opening these facilities, it’s imperative that people continue to social distance” and follow other health recommendations intended to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, Raymond said.

Pavilions at local parks remain closed. A reopening dates for those structures has not been set, but Raymond assured these will be reopened when it is possible to do so.

Prosper Parks and Recreation Department has scheduled five indoor week-long youth summer camp programs, which are slated to begin July 6 and continue through the first week of August at the recreation center.

Among the offerings will be camps focused on STEM-related activities including engineering and computer design, as well as magic.

Meanwhile, a half-dozen outdoor camps are also scheduled, including a week-long tennis camp for kids as well as a baseball camp.

An adult softball league sponsored by the town is also set to begin playing July 12.

Additional information as well as registration for the camps and softball league is available at

“We expect it’s gonna be very busy” this summer, Raymond said. “There have been a number of people who have been stuck in the house for a long time and they want to get out and be able to use facilities and parks. … People will still have to make their own decisions (about) whether they think it’s safe to go out or not.”

Sports leagues also got the go-ahead last week to utilize Prosper’s sports fields for practice purposes beginning June 8. Games may once again be held starting June 15, and tournaments may resume July 6.

However, a pair of local youth leagues previously scrapped plans to move forward with their spring seasons.

On its website,, the Prosper Area Soccer Organization (PASO) announced in April that it had canceled its spring season. On May 27, it posted that registration for its fall season would be delayed.

Representatives from the organization did not respond to a request from the Prosper Press for comment.

The Prosper Baseball and Softball Association (PBSA) also canceled its spring season for recreational leagues but is planning for the select Prosper Spikes baseball and Prosper Pride softball teams to play this summer.

In a statement, PBSA thanked families “for their continued support as we held on as long as possible, trying to get in even a semblance of a season.”

The league plans to open registration for its fall season in mid-June on its website,

A pavilion at Frontier Park is shown May 31. A reopening date for such structures at Prosper-area parks has not been set.