Construction on the Prosper Independent School District’s new Children’s Health Stadium off of Frontier Parkway was completed early this month. Due to anticipation for a large crowd at games, the Prosper Police Department and the Prosper ISD Police Department have implemented a detailed traffic management plan. The first home football game will be held on Aug. 30 at 7 p.m.

Similar to surrounding venues, the Children’s Health Stadium has a capacity of 12,000 people. However, its new technology and inclusive relationship with Prosper High School students help to set it apart.

“The stadium has state of the art technology with the biggest video board of any high school in the state of Texas and will be run completely by PHS students,” Superintendent Drew Watkins said. “It also includes a community room with a capacity of about 450 that will be able to host all kinds of school and community events.”

The old Eagle Stadium will still be used by middle schools and the entire district, but varsity competition will be held at Children’s Health Stadium. Moreover, as the school district continues to grow — with Rock Hill High School under construction and another school in the works for the future — the district ultimately hopes to share the stadium between all of its high schools.

But despite Prosper ISD’s plans for future growth, the new stadium prompted an issue related to the school district’s current growth, and the solution came in the form of a traffic management plan. However, different from the traffic management plans employed for previous Prosper ISD events, this one has a catch: Frontier Parkway is the only road to access the stadium. The Prosper Police Department and the Prosper ISD Police Department hope to utilize a similar plan to those designed for big events at Frontier Park.

“The objective of this traffic plan is to get traffic out of the stadium parking lot and onto Frontier as freely as possible, with minimum wait time,” Prosper ISD Police Chief Chad Vessels said. “This plan will encompass several officers at various locations between Preston Road and Dallas Parkway.”

Pre-event traffic flow will come in from both Dallas Parkway and Preston Road. However, post-event traffic flow will be directed to either Dallas Parkway, or Preston Road, depending on which exit guests use. For those that use the two western exits (Access Drive or Greenwood Memorial Lane), Frontier Parkway will become two westbound lanes of one-way traffic headed toward Dallas Parkway. For those using the east exit (directly north of the stadium), Frontier Parkway will become two eastbound lanes of one-way traffic headed to Preston Road.

“Everything we build is for growth — the new stadium is equipped to accommodate the growth that is on the horizon,” Watkins said. “Everyone seems to be extremely excited for the new stadium. It’s just a new and better way to support and celebrate the students of Prosper while also providing a great facility for community events.”