PROSPER — While among their proud family and friends, four prosper varsity lacrosse seniors: Hayden Stout, Zane Williams, Luke Teigen and Lee Rowden, sign their National Letters of Intent to continue their athletic careers at the next level on Wednesday, Feb. 6.

“As a first year coach it’s awesome to come into a situation where there are four players preparing to move onto the next level,” varsity head coach Corey Caputo said of the signees, “it sets a great example for the younger players to see what its like to go through that process and the hard work it takes to get there, perhaps motivating or inspiring them to also go through that process.”

Prosper has been slowly but surely becoming a powerhouse in Texas lacrosse over the past few years, especially showing their growing dominance in 2018, where the Eagles went 16-4 overall, 7-0 in district, making a playoff run that saw Prosper barely get edged out by Highland Park in the state tournament; and claiming a second place ranking amongst all Texas programs. These four signings only further show Prosper lacrosses development.

“What’s also exciting is this helps put Texas on the map in terms of lacrosse,” Caputo commented, “now you have these players being recruited out of Texas to go to these competitive colleges, where only a few years ago, it was rare to see that… it goes to show how hard these kids worked all year around. It makes us proud as coaches to be able to help get their names out there and then see that hard work pay off.”