The Prosper Eagles athletic department has been running a string of strength and conditioning camps, which started on Jun. 4, and will end on Aug. 2.

These camps are non-sport specific, available to any student-athlete currently going into grades 7 through 12, regardless of age or gender.

“The program is definitely geared towards all athletes.” Brandon Schmidt, Prosper head football coach/strength and conditioning coach said, “we had over 500 kids this year register for speed and strength camp. We’ve been having over 400 kids coming through here every day for speed and strength camp. It’s been awesome… a lot of kids showing up, a lot of team building going on and athletes getting bigger, faster and stronger.”

As well as the added training, it is giving incoming freshman a chance to settle into their new high school environment a little easier.

“It’s a good precursor for them starting high school,” Schmidt said, “they come up to the high school and its new friends, a new building and that might be intimidating. So, it gives them a good opportunity to settle in and get a head start on that.”

With the Eagles also running sport-specific camps during this time, for all genders, all grades and all sports, Prosper is gearing up for another successful year in athletics.