By Les Giles

For The Amarillo Globe-News

Jorey Knutson and Borger's Tyler Paige played the first nine holes of the Tascosa Golf Club Ambush member-guest tournament in a blistering 6-under 30 in Friday's low-ball format at the La Paloma layout.

But after 18 more holes Knutson and Paige find themselves tied with the team of John Dawson and Geoff Phemister heading into today's final 18 holes at the Tascosa layout. Today's format, unlike Friday's, will be a total score one with each player's actual score being counted.

Knutson and Paige, along with the Dawson-Phemister duo, are tied atop the seven-team championship flight at 11-under 96, two shots clear of the team of Clay Lankford and Andrew Brewer, who used a final nine holes of 7-under 29 to make things especially interesting heading into today's play. Brewer, in fact, provided most of the fireworks for that team as he played those final nine holes in 6-under 30 that included an eagle 3 at the par 5 No. 11 and birdies at 13, 14,16 and 17 before Lankford provided the final one at No. 18 before they finished the round at hole No. 10.

In solo fourth place at 8-under 99 is the team of Shane Westbrook, a former Borger High player, and Perryton's Tate Allred who tied for third in last week's West Texas Men's Amateur at Amarillo Country Club. Brayden Cruth and Luke Kane, a winner of three summer majors this year who also tied for third in last week's event at ACC, are in fifth place at 7-under 100 and unless another team does something special today those are the only teams who should figure in today's final outcome.

Today's winning team can earn a berth in the Coors Tournament of Champions in three weeks. To date six players have qualified for that event and unless Cruth and Kane wind up winning today the field for it will increase by two. Kane, in fact, is the only player competing in this one that has qualified for the T of C.


Ambush Member-Guest at Tascosa

First round

at Tascosa Golf Club

Championship Flight: 1. (tie) Jorey Knutson-Tyler Paige 30-31-35—96 and John Dawson-Geoff Phemister 31-31-34—96 3. Clay Lankford-Andrew 36-33-29—98. 4. Shane Westbrook-Tate Allred 35-31-33—99. 5. Brayden Cruth-Luke Kane 34-34-32—100. 6. Codie Scott-Kent Neal 34-34-37—105. 7. Ben Prewett-Chris Holcomb 34-37-41—112.

Presidents Flight: 1. Nick Orosco-Canden Edwards 19 points. 2. Tony Harper-Danny O'Neal 16 1/2 points. 3. (tie) Trent Kennedy-Michael Baucom and Ben Lowrance-Trulyn Deeds 12 1/2 points. 5. Brian Hoffpauir-Brian Herman 10 1/2 points. 6. Jake Cary-Tyler McDonald 10 points.

First Flight: 1. Justin Ehle-Jonathan Bowers 16 1/2 points. 2. Chris Ray-Matt Ray 15 1/2 points. 3. Cody Demetro-Josh Banks 13 1/2 points. 4. (tie) Terry Carver-Mark Lancaster and Dustin Cole-Daniel Cole 12 1/2 points. 6. Barry Lynch-Brad Balke 10 1/2 points.

Second Flight: 1. Ben Bonin-Danny Borger 15 1/2 points. 2. (tie) Aaron King-Heath Sabbe, James Tabor-Bobby Parish and Mike Hunt-Danny Steib 15 points. 5. Tim Thornhill-Bill Fillman 12 points. 6. Curtis Sinclair-Tim Edwards 8 1/2 points.

Third Flight: 1. Curtis Baldwin-Tyson Neill 16 points. 2. Scott Powers-Vern Talley 15 points. 3. Nathan King-Troy Brewer 13 1/2 points. 4. Nick Brady-Eric Sullivan 12 1/2 points. 5. Glenn Braudt-Robert Thomason 12 points. 6. Robert Brice-James Brice 11 points.

Fourth Flight: 1. Jim Peavey-Scott Mann 18 points. 2. Chris Young-Joe Young 16 points. 3. Golden Littlefield-Nick Ward 15 points. 4. Michael King-Cody Brimsley 12 1/2 points. 5. Scot Pike-David Pike 10 points. 6. Greg Scmidt-Donny Briggs 9 1/2 points.