Since opening her cross-training gym several years ago, Lisa Cisneros has proven that she is all muscle, and especially all heart.

Through Infamous Training, she’s organized several fitness events over the years which have raised money for causes and people in need. This time around, the person benefitting from the fundraising is someone very dear to her — mom.

Cisneros and Infamous Training are having a 5K 2 Man Relay and a Fit Challenge Saturday to raise money for Sylvia Cisneros, who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. It is her second bout with cancer. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago and had been in remission after her initial treatment.

This time around, the cancer in her lungs is Stage 4 since it has spread from where it originated.

“It’s not curable, but her health can be sustained,” Lisa said. “If we can shrink the tumor and the cancer cells, she should be good for a while with medicine and treatment. My mom’s in good spirits. Th entire community has reached out to help, and that means a lot.”

Like most medical treatments, her’s is expensive, even with insurance. That’s where Infamous Training is hoping to step in and help.

The 5K 2 Man Relay and a Fit Challenge are Saturday at Infamous Training at 209. S. Reynolds. The 5K is at 8 a.m. and the Fit Challenge is at 10 a.m. The 2 Man Relay has male and female divisions and different age groups. The 2 Man Relay was made to symbolize “helping,” which Lisa says is important in fighting cancer.

“No one should go through it alone,” she said. “Someone should always be there to help them battle and to battle for them.”

The Fit Challenge has a women's division and a men's and women's division. The competition will include body movements and weighted movements.

The event also includes a hamburger plate sale.

This is the fourth fitness fundraiser Infamous Training has organized, but Lisa says this one has put the act of helping others in a completely different perspective.

“When we learned that my mom had cancer a second time, it was really hard,” she said. “We had been winning, and for it to come back was heartbreaking. It made me angry. That’s out mom, my son’s grandmother. We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but that’s my mom, and I’m going to do what I can.”

Registration forms are available at Infamous Training and online at